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Compressed Air

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Compressed Air for Sale

A readily available supply of compressed air is essential at many industrial facilities and job sites. An air compressor creates this product by drawing air from the atmosphere and compressing it. The machine then releases the pressurized air into a storage tank via a discharge valve.

Purchasing compressed air in high pressure cylinders ensures your business has a readily available supply for various industrial or commercial applications. The network of Meritus Gas Partners independent distributors offers compressed air tanks of varying grades for sale to add value to your day-to-day operations.

Compressed Air Cost and Availability

Because compressed air is a manufactured product, it’s readily available and easy to find, eliminating issues that stem from shortages or insufficient supplies. You can usually purchase it on short notice — assuming there’s a reliable supplier nearby that can anticipate the demand and carries a large inventory. You can also refill the tanks when empty, minimizing your company’s equipment costs.

Your compressed air price depends on several factors. The tanks come in various sizes, and larger containers will obviously be more expensive. There are also various grades of compressed air ranging from industrial to specialty.

Our Partners

Compressed Air Uses and Applications

Meritus Gas Partners is a network of independently operated gas and welding supplies distributors. We’ve partnered with these suppliers for their clear commitment to excellent customer service and business growth. Under our umbrella, these companies can access our corporate resources, but they maintain the autonomy to provide personalized customer care in their service areas.

Compressed air plays a vital role in numerous industrial and commercial applications:

  • Automotive: Auto manufacturers, repair shops and other related businesses use compressed air for powering tools and equipment, stamping, forming and conveying.
  • Metals fabrication: Compressed air supplies power for assembly stations, tools and injection molding and spraying processes.
  • Construction: Remote construction sites rely on compressed air for powering pneumatic-driven tools and equipment like nail guns, screwdrivers and pavement breakers.
  • Rubber and plastics: Compressed air assists in applications such as glass blowing and molding, clamping and tool powering.
  • Food and beverage: The food and beverage industry requires clean compressed air when performing various production, packaging and maintenance functions.
  • Chemical manufacturing: The chemical industry needs compressed air for fermentation and aeration, air separation, operating pneumatic transport and control systems and implementing safety when executing hazardous processes.

These suppliers offer specialty gases, including food-grade products, to support your industry demands. With their flexible delivery options, you can get the gases you need when you need them.

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Compressed Air Safety

Working with pressurized air can be dangerous and requires knowledge of the potential risks. When using compressed air for cleaning purposes, the pressure should not exceed 30 psig. When propelling compressed air through an air line or hose, ensure that the open end is held securely. Check the condition of the hoses to ensure they’re not frayed or damaged. Only used compressed air tanks that comply with all applicable national or international safety standards.

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Why Buy Compressed Air From a Meritus Gas Partners Supplier?

Your area’s Meritus Gas Partners independent distributor offers compressed air for sale backed by superior service. Our suppliers are locally-operated businesses that provide access to industry expertise to positively impact your company’s operations. They’ll keep your best interests in mind throughout the purchasing process.

Contact Meritus Gas Partners online to learn more about air tanks for sale and locate a supplier in your area.

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