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Welding and Cutting Equipment

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Welding and Cutting Equipment

High-performance welding and cutting equipment is essential to the success of all types of fabrication facilities, whether you manage a small maintenance shop or a high-volume manufacturing plant. These solutions allow operators to produce precise results more efficiently, helping increase production times and minimize labor costs. In addition, reliable equipment provides increased control over elements affecting weld and cut quality, including heat, speed and depth.

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Types of Welding and Cutting Equipment We Offer

At Meritus Gas Partners, each distributor in our supply network offers a comprehensive range of welding and cutting equipment solutions to meet your operational needs. Our distributors can provide the prompt and courteous customer service you expect while having access to the technological resources of a leading industrial brand. Our knowledgeable team members have decades of combined experience helping customers choose the most practical and effective solutions.

Welding Equipment

Choosing the optimal welding equipment for your business depends on various factors, from your facility’s layout and the available amount of electrical current to the types and thicknesses of the materials you fabricate. Equipment solutions from today’s top welding brands help increase safety, enhance weld quality and maximize efficiency when implemented and used correctly. 

Our distributors supply products for various welding methods and applications, including:

  • MIG welders (GMAW)
  • TIG welders (GTAW)
  • Stick welders (SMAW)
  • Submerged arc equipment
  • Multi-process welders
  • Multi-operator welders
  • Advanced process welders
  • Engine drives
  • Wire feeders

Cutting Equipment

High-performance equipment plays a crucial role in fabrication and similar applications by helping ensure the precise and efficient cutting of various materials. These solutions enable operators to achieve accurate and smooth cuts, improving productivity and ensuring high-quality results.

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced cutting solutions like:

  • Handheld air plasma cutters
  • CNC plasma cutting tables
  • Mechanized air plasma cutters
  • Pipe and tube-cutting machines
  • High-definition plasma cutting
  • Structural steel fabrication

Orbital Welding Systems

Orbital welding systems play essential roles in operations by automating the welding process with high control, consistency and repeatability. These systems utilize a specialized rotating electrode to create precise and continuous welds, ensuring uniformity, accuracy and efficiency when welding various material types and thicknesses.

Examples include:

  • Orbital MIG
  • Orbital TIG

Guns and Torches

High-performance welding guns help deliver the heat and electricity needed for joining metal and producing quality welds. Cutting torches use specialized fuel gases to generate high-temperature flames that cut through metals accurately and efficiently.

Products include:

  • Semiautomatic welding guns
  • TIG torches
  • Spool/push-pull guns
  • Innershield welding guns
  • Robotic welding guns
  • Specialty guns
  • Plasma torches

Welding Fume Control

Effective welding fume control systems help remove and filter out potentially harmful fumes from welding and cutting areas. Implementing an optimized fume control solution also helps maintain clean and safe working environments, improving overall productivity and ensuring compliance with the necessary safety regulations. 

We offer solutions like:

  • Portable units
  • Mobile units
  • Stationary units
  • Downdraft tables
  • Extraction arms
  • Extraction hoods

Training Equipment

Training equipment is crucial for fabrication operations because it provides a safe environment for students to learn and practice essential skills. These solutions help develop proficiency, understand safety protocols and gain confidence before working on real-time projects.

Our offerings include:

  • Virtual trainers
  • Robotic trainers
  • REALWELD® trainers
  • Plasma cutting trainers
  • Weld booths
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If you’re looking for a reliable partner that can supply the welding and cutting equipment solutions your operation needs to succeed, contact a Meritus Gas Partners distributor today. In addition, please get in touch with us with questions or to obtain more product information.

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