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Refining Gases

Refineries are critical operations that produce fuel for vessels worldwide. Industrial gases are essential for these processes, so these operations need reliable suppliers. Meritus Gas Partners can connect your company with a supplier you can count on for the long term.

Gases for the Refining Industry

The refining industry faces combustion and contamination risks alongside stringent environmental regulations. The right industrial and specialty gases can help refineries meet their goals with cost-effective solutions.

Nitrogen is an inert gas that won’t react with most materials, making it the ideal gas for blanketing and purging. In these applications, nitrogen creates a barrier around processes or reactions to prevent contaminants from interrupting. Nitrogen can also replace highly reactive oxygen to reduce the flammability of spaces like storage tanks and reactor vessels.

Refineries may also use nitrogen for pipeline testing and maintenance to ensure safe and clean systems. Nitrogen is valuable for pressure and leak testing because it’s cost-effective and creates no unwanted reactions with contaminants inside pipe systems.

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Hydrogen plays an essential role in diesel fuel production. Many vehicles, like heavy equipment and ship engines, require diesel, but when it’s not produced cleanly, it has a negative environmental impact. Hydrogen is the key to removing sulfur from these fuels. Refineries use a chemical separation process called hydrodesulfurization.

In this process, hydrogen molecules bond with sulfur to create hydrogen sulfide that can be captured and removed. As more environmental regulations limit the amount of allowable sulfur in fuels, hydrogen will become more critical to the refining process.

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Refineries often use oxygen enrichment to improve combustion air inside a furnace and enhance efficiency. Oxygen levels can be tailored to specific applications to provide the preferred amount of heat for crude oils of varying densities and sulfur levels.

Oxygen enrichment is also valuable for desulfurization. This process enables operations to increase productivity in crude oil processing without modifying pressure drop. Sulfur content in fuels is highly regulated, and many refineries face bottlenecks when attempting to meet standards. Oxygen enrichment helps these operations address bottlenecks.

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A variety of specialty gases are used in refineries, including EPA protocol gases and UHP gases used for spanning and calibrating analyzers.

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Meritus Gas Partners is a group of independently operated gas and welding supply companies. These distributors operate under the Meritus Gas umbrella to access corporate resources while providing personalized and local customer service. Our partners have the freedom to build their local brands while contributing to the larger Meritus Gas mission.

Our partners offer bulk, microbulk and cylinder gases to suit your industry applications. With the ability to fill orders on-site, our suppliers provide excellent quality control. Enjoy the convenience of flexible delivery solutions alongside order-filling abilities. Learn more about our partners:

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Our partners have refining gases for sale to support processes like oxygen enrichment and desulfurization. Locate one of our distributors near you and connect with their team to get your essential gases. To learn more about Meritus Gas Partners and what we do, reach out to our team.

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