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Ace Industrial Products began in 1967 and has continued to strengthen its designs for fume extraction equipment. These machines are critical players in welding applications, and the flexibility of their models keeps you covered for every type of welding process. All of their equipment is produced in the United States, and the brand is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Ace Industrial is one of many brands offered by partners in the Meritus Gas network.

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Ace Welding Fume Extractors

Ace specializes in fume extractors to make your welding workspace safer for you and other workers on the floor.

Ace portable fume extractors are lightweight and easy to move to different job sites. Many of these fume extractors are suitable for TIG, MIG and stick welding, and they come with two output settings to work for your chosen welding method. All models come equipped with a MERV-rated filter for removing particulates from your welding fumes. Ace also offers a HEPA model for applications in which this level of filtration is required.

Every portable fume extractor comes with a 12-foot extraction hose that can be replaced with other hose lengths if desired. You can also use the included magnetic support base for hands-free operation. 

Mobile fume extractors offer more power than portable models but feature wheels for moving throughout your facility. A 10-foot articulating extraction arm affords flexibility to apply extraction capabilities where you need them most. All mobile models have an included MERV 15 filter and a HEPA main filter for stainless steel welding. 

The casters along the mobile units have a lock to keep them in place as you work. Built-in spark traps ensure safety during all filtering applications.

Ace’s stationary fume extractor is a modular system that attaches to the wall for facilities with limited floor space. The main MERV 15 filter is suitable for all types of steel. The stationary model supports single-arm and dual-arm fume extraction for extra productivity when you need it.¬†

The durable all-steel construction ensures these stationary extractors are built to last. 

Create a system that works for your most unique projects with additional arm lengths for your fume extractors. Choose from telescoping and articulated models with a range of lengths to suit your space.

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Ace welding fume extractors are a necessity for keeping welding environments safe. Explore all of the available models and find a partner location near you to purchase. To learn more about Ace Industrial Products, get in touch with our team. 

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