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Cryogenic Storage Solutions

Preserve pivotal biological elements, chemical components and relevant gases with a reliable cryogenic storage. Meritus Gas Partners delivers advanced cryogenic technology reshaped to fit the requirements of various users. Explore our storage solutions of different capacities and find the best storage solution for your organization.  

Meritus Gas Partners’ Cryogenic Storage Solutions 

The scope of cryogenic storage is extensive, and so is Meritus Gas Partners’ inventory of storage solutions. We cater to a variety of industries, from industrial and pharmaceutical to commercial sectors. 

Cryogenic Storage Containers for Every Use 

With unique specifications of cryogenic storage vessels, we provide a series of choices for certain applications. Depending on your needs, our storage solutions offer diverse LN2 capacity, working time, static hold time and evaporation rate.

Cryogenic Storage Vessels and Their Capacities 

Explore the dimensions and key features of our cryogenic storage vessels. The containers vary in weight and capacity information to fit specific industry requirements. Our various cryogenic storage containers include:

  IC-5D IC-6D IC-10D IC-20D IC-35D IC35DX IC-50D  
LN2 Capacity Liters 5 60 10 20 35 35 50
Static Hold Time Days 23 30 66 100 140 140 125
Evaporation Rate Liter/Days .2 .2 .15 .2 .25 .25 .4


N Inches 2.25 2.25 2.25 2.25 2.25 3.75 3.75
INTERNAL DIAMETER mm 57 57 57 57 57 95 95
HEIGHT Inches 16.3 16.75 23 24.6 25 25 30.5
  mm 414 425 584 625 630 630 775
OUTSIDE DIAMETER Inches 8.75 8.75 11.25 15 18.5 18.5 18.5
  mm 222 222 286 380 470 470 470


The Role of Cryogenic Storage in Various Industries 

Cryogenic storage is a pivotal factor in the prevention of energy, temperature and functionality of samples and products. Its value impacts numerous sectors, such as: 

  • Manufacturing companies: The role of cryogenic storage in manufacturing is indispensable. It ensures the viability of supplies for extended periods, preventing material degradation and deterioration.
  • Industrial facilities: Transporting cold fuel and gases needs reliable storage solutions to preserve these valuable substances. Industrial cryogenic storage works wonders in retaining the core properties of these elements while in transit.
  • Commercial product distributors: Several commercial sectors rely on cryogenic storage to contain and transport gases safely. Most of these containers come with specific provisions for contained heating, cooling and venting. 
  • Research institutions: Biological samples like tissues, DNA samples, blood and cell lines are commonly stored in cryogenic containers. For this reason, research institutions and laboratories widely use cryogenic solutions to ensure the reliability and efficacy of these substances. 
  • Medical facilities: Just like the research sector, the medical field counts on cryogenic storage to store sensitive elements. With seamless storage of crucial substances, treatments run without interruption.

Advantages of Cryogenic Storage

The benefits of cryogenic storage solutions are diverse. It influences specific areas of operational processes as well as the overall productivity of the organization. The advantages include:

  • Long-term efficiency of substances.
  • Inhibition of bacteria and harmful particles.
  • Limitation of potential risk during transport.
  • Increased product or tool life.
  • Cost-efficient storage solution.
  • Improved operational efficiency.

Why Choose Meritus Gas Partners for Your Cryogenic Storage Needs?

With several applications across different sectors, cryogenic storage must be of superior quality. Meritus Gas Partners supports the success of your business with the delivery of premium, durable cryogenic containers.

Meritus Gas Partners’ Commitment to Quality and Safety 

Our dedication to excellence entails providing solutions that adhere to industry guidelines and safety standards. We offer quality with each cryogenic container and exceptional local service with every transaction. 

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Choose Quality Cryogenic Storage Solutions

Count on Meritus Gas Partners for the finest cryogenic storage solutions. Our experts are highly knowledgeable of the best solution for your needs. Contact us today for more information about our cryogenic containers and how they can help improve operational efficiency.