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Since its founding as a small Pearland, Texas, machine shop in 1969, Profax has grown into one of the leading welding product manufacturers in the United States. The company specializes in providing high-performing equipment for various welding applications, including tungsten inert gas (TIG), metal inert gas (MIG), submerged arc, plasma, arc gouging and many others. 

Lenco is a Jackson, Missouri, based welding equipment manufacturer founded in 1948 and purchased by Profax in 1992. Lenco produces an assortment of high-quality welding-related accessories, including ground clamps, electrode holders, hammers, adapters and connectors. 

Meritus Gas Partners can supply your business with Profax welding equipment and Lenco accessories via our extensive independently operated distributor network serving numerous states. Enjoy fast, easy access to a wide range of essential products and receive the attentive service your company demands and deserves. 

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Profax Welding Products for Sale

Profax welding equipment delivers superior, consistent performance in challenging work environments through unmatched reliability and durability. A Meritus Gas Partners distributor can help you explore various Profax options for these products:

  • TIG welders: Tungsten inert gas welding machines use a non-consumable electrode and a filler metal to produce the weld. The process is commonly applied on pipelines, although it’s also a popular choice for the aviation, aerospace and sheet metal industries due to its compatibility with thinner materials. 
  • MIG welders: Metal inert gas welding is typically the best choice when working with larger, thicker materials. Profax manufactures various air-cooled, water-cooled and flux-cored MIG guns that deliver exceptional results.
  • Submerged arc welders: The sub-arc welding process generates superior weld quality due to the excellent protection provided by a blanket of molten slag. Profax produces submerged arc welding equipment that meets the stringent requirements for applications such as shipbuilding, chemical plants and pressure vessels.
  • Plasma welders: The plasma arc technique is similar to TIG welding, forming an arc between a tungsten electrode and the workpiece. The most significant difference is that plasma welding positions the electrode within the torch’s body, separating the arc from the shielding gas. Profax offers advanced plasma arc welding equipment for applications in the aerospace, marine and electronics industries and several others. 
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Lenco Welding Accessories for Sale

The numerous products available from a Meritus Gas Partners supplier include:

  • Electrode holders: Lenco manufactures light-, medium- and heavy-duty electrode holders to secure the welding electrodes in multiple positions. Easy-to-install replacement parts are also available.
  • Ground clamps: This essential component helps to complete the welding circuit by providing a reliable ground connection. Lenco clamps extend cable life, reduce energy costs and contribute to consistent welds.
  • Cable connectors: These small but crucial accessories provide secure lead connections. They are also suitable for repairing worn electrodes or cable connections.
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Add value to your company’s welding processes by purchasing ESAB equipment from a Meritus Gas Partners distributor. Contact us for more information and to locate a supplier today.

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