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Special Metals

Special Metals Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of nickel and cobalt alloys for industries and applications ranging from aerospace and power generation to chemical processing and oil and gas. With its North American headquarters in Newton, NC, the Special Metals Welding Division focuses on alloys for welding applications. 

Now known as Special Metals, the company traces its roots to 1835 with the founding of Henry Wiggin & Company, a manufacturer of various specialty alloys. A turning point occurred during World War II with the invention of NIMONIC® alloys for gas turbine engines. Special Metals Corp. was formed in 1998 with the acquisition of Inco Alloys International, Inc. 

Special Metals welding alloys and other products are available from a Meritus Gas Partners independently operated distributor near you. Our extensive network consists of full-service, family-run suppliers committed to helping businesses like yours thrive and prosper. 

Special Metals Welding Products

The expansive selection of Special Metals welding products can deliver superior results in all aspects of the welding process. Use them for joining nickel alloys, cast iron, high-performance steel and dissimilar metals. 

Filler metals are essential for filling the open space between two close-fitting materials to form a solid joint during the welding process. Special Metals offers several filler metals under multiple brand names, including INCO-WELD®, INCLOY®, INCONEL®, MONEL®, NI-ROD® and NILO®

The Special Metals line of submerged arc products is ideal for welding metals such as stainless steel, alloy steel and other applications involving thicker materials. They allow deeper penetration with minimal heat input. 

The alloying materials on the Special Metals welding flux product line can prevent potentially harmful chemical reactions between molten metal and filler metal. They also facilitate using various atmospheric gases as an alternative to shielding gas. 

Flux-coated electrodes provide insulation that enables welding at a higher electric current with minimal concerns about extreme heat. The coating also prevents metal spattering during the process. Special Metals manufactures these electrodes with INCONEL®, MONEL®, NI-ROD® or pure nickel. 

The thermal spraying process involves depositing a heated metal coating onto a surface to enhance the base material. Thermal spray wires from Special Metals offer reliable surface protection against corrosion, abrasion, extreme temperatures, erosion and other destructive forces. 

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At Meritus Gas Partners, we focus on forming relationships with established welding equipment and industrial gas suppliers that meet our stringent criteria. Our affiliates are local and regional businesses with excellent reputations within the areas they serve. Your company can count on our partners for high-quality products at fair prices backed by unrivaled expertise and exceptional service. 

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