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Kobelco Welding of America, Inc. is a Houston-based provider of high-quality welding equipment and supplies. Since its founding in 1990, Kobelco has earned a stellar reputation by working closely with its customers to provide timely, reliable sales and technical support.

Kobelco welding products are available via an extensive network of 300 distributors, including several Meritus Gas Partners-affiliated companies. All Meritus Gas Partners suppliers are family-run businesses with strong, long-term ties to the areas they serve. They share our commitment to offering reliable products and backing them with comprehensive support.

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Kobelco Filler Metals and Automation for Sale

A Meritus Gas Partners distributor can supply your business with the most appropriate Kobelco filler metals and automation equipment for your applications and budget.

Consumables comprise a wide assortment of materials that are used up during the welding process. Kobelco offers several product options for consumables in these categories:

  • Stainless steel and nickel-based alloy fluxed core wire
  • Carbon steel and low-alloy steel flux-cored wire
  • Carbon steel solid wire

Featured Kobelco welding wire for sale includes¬†FAMILIARC‚ĄĘ DW-50AY, a large-diameter mild-steel flux-cored wire that performs equally well in flat and horizontal positions. A high deposition rate and exceptional bead appearance make this product suitable for various structural steel industry applications.

Kobelco also produces the XR Series, an environmentally friendly stainless steel flux-cored wire product that generates fewer harmful hexavalent chromium emissions than traditional wire products.

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Kobelco offers several robotic welding options that introduce the benefits of automation:

  • Structural steel welding robot system:¬†This fully automated system is ideal for structural fabrication projects. Its advanced multipass welding capabilities meet the heavy-duty weld requirements of seismic and other demanding applications. The robot can also perform automatic slag removal, preventing materials from getting trapped inside the weld during subsequent passes.
  • ARCMAN‚ĄĘ series:¬†This technologically advanced robot series is an excellent choice for various plate welding fields. These machines deliver superior results when working with construction equipment or structural steel machinery.
  • ARCMAN‚ĄĘ portable series:¬†If¬†you’re looking for a mobile robot to use in multiple locations, this compact, lightweight model will meet your needs. One person can operate the unit, saving time and labor. No installation is required ‚ÄĒ press the start button to begin welding. The robot can automatically detect the groove type to create optimal welding conditions and deliver consistently superior quality.

Why Choose Our Partners for Kobelco Welding Products?

The rapidly expanding Meritus Gas Partners network comprises multiple independently operated distributors across several states. These local businesses understand the needs of companies like yours and can help overcome the challenges you face. Get access to expert product selection recommendations that allow you to make more informed purchasing decisions. You’ll also receive excellent service after the sale, including timely repairs and a large inventory of equipment replacement parts.¬†

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Meritus Gas Partners can provide more information about Kobelco welding wire and other products and where to find a distributor in your area.

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