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Norton Abrasives

Since 1885, Norton Abrasives has manufactured high-quality abrasive materials and equipment for industries and applications ranging from aerospace and electronics to metal fabrication, manufacturing, transportation and automotive. With eight facilities and over 2,200 employees, the company has a strong presence in communities throughout the United States and Canada. 

Meritus Gas Partners supports a rapidly growing network of independently operated welding equipment and industrial gas suppliers, many of which carry Norton Abrasives offerings in their inventories. Our distributors are local, family-run businesses that share our commitment to offering industry-best products at fair prices and backing them with exceptional service. 

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Wide Assortment of Norton Abrasives Products for Sale

The extensive Norton Abrasives product lineup includes numerous items for abrasive and non-abrasive applications. Examples include:

  • Precision grinding wheels: These wheels enable you to achieve consistent, precise finishes and tight geometric tolerances, whether you’re working with cutting tools or automotive or aerospace components.
  • Sharpening stones: High-quality sharpening products from Norton Abrasives enable you to achieve optimal long-term performance from your woodworking tools, cutlery and other high-precision instruments and tools.
  • Sanding discs: Use these high-performing discs for a superior finish for dry sanding applications. Choose from multiple options, such as paper, cloth, flap, foam, film and surface conditioning. 
  • Sanding belts: If your business engages in high-speed sanding processes, these belts deliver exceptional results on flat surfaces requiring extensive material removal. They’re compatible with stationary and portable machines.
  • Sanding pads: Norton sanding pads allow you to achieve a professional-looking polish and buff on various surfaces. Use them individually or as a sequence to optimize the results.
  • Surface conditioning wheels: Norton Abrasives manufactures an assortment of unified, convolute and disc wheels consisting of non-woven synthetic fiber mesh. They create the perfect finish with minimal stock removal.
  • FAB buffing wheels: These wheels contain abrasive grains on both sides of the cloth, eliminating the need for a buffing compound. They also last longer than traditional cotton buffs, resulting in fewer buff changes. 
  • Pneumatic die grinders: A hand-held Norton pneumatic die grinder can handle deburring, fine finishing work and everything in between. It’s compatible with an assortment of attachments to maximize versatility and performance.
  • Liquids and compounds: Norton’s line of non-abrasive products includes various liquids and compounds that perform by hand or machine under any condition. Examples include structural adhesives, seam sealers, machine glazes and hyper concentrates.
  • Concrete, masonry and tile saws:  The company’s Norton Clipper division offers a wide selection of rugged saws that deliver robust horsepower and include sturdy frames for heavy-duty use. Portable, stationary and walk-behind models are available.
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Meritus Gas Partners’ distributors are fixtures in the areas they serve. When you purchase Norton Abrasives from one of our suppliers, you deal with a reputable company that always keeps your business’s best interests in mind. You’ll benefit from big-company capabilities and the responsive support that only a local business can provide. 

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