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Is¬†Stoody¬†welding equipment part of your work processes? Stoody welding rods, electrodes, wires and other products deliver unsurpassed performance in the most challenging conditions. You’ll find them in various industries and applications, including construction, railroad, steel, foundry, power generation, oil and gas production and exploration, recycling and many others.¬†

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of Stoody welding equipment near you, the Meritus Gas Partners distributor in your area is ready to help. We’re establishing a nationwide network of independent hardgoods and gas providers who share our commitment to quality and service.¬†

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Stoody Welding Rods for Sale and Much More

Since its founding in 1921, Stoody developed the hard-facing welding product category. The hard-facing process involves welding a more rugged material to a base metal to enhance the workpiece’s durability and extend its life span.¬†

Over the years, Stoody has expanded its capabilities to encompass high-alloy consumables, including an extensive line of cladding and joining wires and electrodes. The company also designs and manufactures plasma transfer arc and laser cladding powders to limit the impact of erosion and wear. 

As a member of the ESAB brand family, Stoody continues to be a leading welding equipment innovator and trailblazer. ESAB is a globally recognized force in welding and cutting equipment and consumables.

Specific Stoody products available for sale include:

  • Gas-shielded and open-arc wires
  • Dropped carbides and powders
  • Submerged arc wires
  • High-alloy nickel and stainless steel cladding and joining electrodes and wires
  • Specialty-coated bare rods and electrodes consisting of nickel, cobalt, tungsten and other materials
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Why Choose Stoody Products?

Stoody welding equipment can add value to your business in several ways. The company engineers and manufactures every product to deliver maximum uptime in the most challenging work environments. Your business will benefit by experiencing faster production times with fewer interruptions from prolonged mechanical failures. Your manufacturing costs will also decrease, which will have a positive impact on your bottom line. 

Stoody also provides extensive product support to ensure users get maximum value. Understanding that every customer has different requirements, Stoody offers custom metallurgy and product development solutions to meet specific needs. The company also implements comprehensive engineering and laboratory services to adhere to stringent quality control standards.

The Benefits of Buying From a Meritus Gas Partners Distributor

The Meritus Gas Partners network includes independently operated distributors offering an extensive selection of welding equipment, industrial gases and gas supplies from leading manufacturers. These family-run businesses have well-established ties to their communities and prioritize delivering exceptional customer service. 

By partnering with us, our distributors can maintain their independence while offering big-company capabilities that can benefit your business. They can also provide reliable assistance before, during and after the sale. Many suppliers offer repair services and replacement parts to help their customers get the most out of their equipment. 

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Learn More About Stoody Welding Products

Experience all the advantages of purchasing Stoody welding equipment from a Meritus Gas Partners independent distributor. Contact us for additional information and to locate a supplier in your area today.

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