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Top Cat¬ģ¬†Air Tools

Founded in 1962, T.C. Service Company is a manufacturer based out of Willoughby, Ohio, producing high-quality pneumatic tools and equipment for various industrial applications. The company’s advanced Top Cat¬ģ¬†air tools line can meet the needs of any business that requires reliable material removal tools, including shipyards, large fabricators, foundries and similar entities.¬†

Meritus Gas Partners has established a network of leading distributors to supply industry-best Top Cat air products to businesses like yours. Our mission is to help businesses get the tools they need to succeed at fair prices, along with dependable service and support. 

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Wide Assortment of Top Cat Tools for Sale

The full-service Meritus Gas Partners distributor near you is your one-stop headquarters for numerous Top Cat air products:

  • Vertical grinders and sanders:¬†These powerful tools enable you to remove large amounts of material quickly and efficiently. Use them for tasks such as tuckpointing, large riser removal and slitting.¬†
  • Right angle wheel grinders:¬†Top Cat right angle tools encompass a broad product category that enables you to optimize your applications. Choose the right products to complement sanding pads, mounted points, sanding and polishing tools and more.
  • Right angle collet grinders and sanders:¬†These tools are available in various speeds, diameters and right angle lengths to optimize your tool selection for specific applications.
  • Horizontal grinders:¬†Another excellent choice for big-material removal projects, these grinders deliver superior results when working with type 1 wheels, burrs, mounted points and cones.
  • Extended grinders:¬†Examples of typical applications for these grinders include roll-type abrasives, wire brushes, cone wheels and heavy-duty polishing and sanding work.¬†
  • Die grinders:¬†Consider these durable, hardworking tools for medium- and heavy-duty grinding projects with products like cone wheels, wire brushes and roll-type abrasives.
  • Right angle sanders, buffers and polishers:¬†These tools enable you to access hard-to-reach areas on your workpieces. They’re available in multiple horsepower capacities to meet your specific requirements.
  • Horizontal sanders, buffers and polishers:¬†This comprehensive Top Cat category encompasses rugged, reliable tools designed for all-day finishing tasks in multiple industries.¬†
  • Power supply motors:¬†A flexible power supply motor enables you to modify and customize its performance to your equipment. Get purpose-built solutions that cater to your exact needs.
  • Air drills:¬†Top Cat air drills offer a compact, lightweight and powerful solution for creating holes. They make it easier to drill in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Percussion tools:¬†Use these heavy-duty percussion products like chipping hammers and chisel scalers for challenging applications in shipyards, foundries and fabrication plants.
  • Accessories:¬†Choose from various products like screen handle bushings, collets and cone wheel adapters to maximize your equipment’s performance and productivity.
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Why Choose a Meritus Gas Partners Supplier?

Distributors within the Meritus Gas Partners network are independently operated, family-run local businesses with strong reputations in the areas they serve. These companies understand the needs of their customers and what it takes to fulfill them. Whether you require expert product selection assistance, timely repairs or usage guidance, your supplier will be happy to accommodate you. 

Contact us to learn more about Top Cat industrial air tools and locate a supplier near you today.

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