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AR-HE-CO₂ Blends

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AR-HE-CO₂ Welding Gas

Argon (Ar) is one of the most widely used welding gases, especially as a shielding gas in metal inert gas (MIG) welding applications. Argon provides stability because it won’t react with other substances to form chemical compounds that could impact the weld quality. 

While argon can function well as a pure welding gas, adding other gases can add significant value to the process and improve the outcome. Introducing helium (He) and carbon dioxide (CO₂) will stabilize the arc, increase heat input and improve puddle fluidity when welding on low alloy steels and carbon. Adding helium can also help prevent oxidation on metal surfaces. 

A Meritus Gas Partners supplier can provide high-quality argon-helium-carbon dioxide welding gas to enhance your business’s processes. You’ll also receive reliable support from a local company you can trust. 

AR-HE-CO₂ Cost and Availability

You can purchase this welding gas mixture in various gas combinations. It’s available in multiple cylinder sizes to meet the needs of smaller and larger businesses. Options range from a high argon content to a high helium content, and the latter is typically more expensive due to the higher helium prices. 

Uses and Applications of Argon-Helium-Carbon Dioxide Welding Gas

Specific uses for an argon-helium-carbon dioxide mix depend on the content percentage of each material:

This blend with a high helium concentration is an excellent choice for transfer welding and short-circuiting with stainless steel. The low CO₂ content reduces carbon absorption and improves corrosion resistance. The extensive helium volume bolsters the heat input to prevent sluggishness in the weld pool. Other benefits include high deposition rates, strong spray transfer characteristics and smooth, bright welds.

A tri-mix blend with this gas breakdown works well for carbon and low-alloy steel welding projects. It provides reliable results in any welding position and on all material thicknesses. The good weld puddle control and mechanical properties are additional benefits. 

Use this combination for short arc, spray and pulsed spray arc welding on stainless steel. Advantages include good corrosion resistance, excellent alloy retention and minimal porosity. The faster welding speed saves time and increases productivity.

This more flexible blend performs best on out-of-position, heavy-section pulse spray arc welding projects involving carbon and low-alloy steel. Benefits include fast deposition rates, excellent mechanical properties and reliable puddle control.

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AR-HE-CO₂ Safety

An argon-helium-carbon dioxide mix is nonflammable, ensuring minimal fire hazards. Because the cylinder contents are highly pressurized, they could explode when exposed to extreme heat. Store the gas in a dry, cool, segregated area away from direct sunlight. Containers should remain tightly closed and sealed until they’re in use.

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Choose Meritus Gas Partners for Your Tri-Mix Welding Gases

The broad network of Meritus Gas Partners locally operated distributors can provide the expert service your business demands and deserves. You’ll enjoy collaborating with a local company that will work hard to help you succeed. 

Contact us to learn more about argon-helium-carbon dioxide welding gas and find a supplier in your area. 

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