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ar-c02-o2 blends

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AR-CO2-O2 Blends

Argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are “pure” welding gases, meaning they can serve as solo shielding gases. They protect the weld area from atmospheric gases that could contaminate it and cause significant structural issues with the workpiece. Oxygen (O2) is an additive that enhances the properties of the other shielding gases. 

Combining these three gases can provide superior results. Many welding professionals refer to this versatile mixture as a universal combination because it performs well with short-circuiting, globular transfer and spray transfer processes. The carbon dioxide deepens the penetration, while the oxygen promotes better transfer at a lower voltage. 

If you’re looking for high-quality argon-carbon dioxide-oxygen welding gas for your business, look no further than the nearest Meritus Gas Partners independent distributor. You’ll find a wide selection of premium blends backed by exceptional service. 

AR-CO2-O2 Cost and Availability

Each of these gases is readily available for welding purposes and standard mixtures can be found in stock at our locations. However, access to gas blends can be unpredictable at times. The cost of each gas can vary widely based on multiple factors. The percentage of each substance in the mix significantly impacts the purchasing price at any time. 

AR-CO2-O2 Uses and Applications

This welding gas combination has many applications:

In welding, the transfer mode refers to the method of moving the molten metal from the electrode to the weld puddle. This tri-mix is compatible with short arc, spray arc and pulsed transfer processes, making it an excellent choice for welds on construction and earthmoving equipment, farm machinery and mobile cranes.

This mixture performs well when welding carbon steel and its alloys for various material thicknesses. Examples include thin-gauge carbon steel pipe for sprinkler systems and auto body repair tasks.

Gases play a role in workplace automation. They’re ideal for robotic arc welding applications, which entail using an electric arc between a metal base and an electrode to generate intense heat and cause the metal to melt.

Flux-cored wires contain a flux coating that solidifies quickly, creating a shelf for the weld pool in vertical or overhead welding processes. Metal-cored wires are similar but do not produce a slag that requires removal after each welding pass. This gas mixture can facilitate both processes.

AR-CO2-O2 Safety

These mixtures feature gas under pressure that could explode when exposed to intense heat. Keep them out of areas that experience high temperatures and away from open flames, sparks and potential ignition sources. Store gas cylinders outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. The compressed gas is also an asphyxiant and poses a suffocation hazard when displacing oxygen. Avoid inhaling large quantities of the gas.

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Why Choose Us for Argon-Carbon Dioxide-Argon Welding Gas?

A Meritus Gas Partners Supplier is your best source for welding gas mixtures and equipment. You’ll receive expert product selection guidance to ensure the perfect match for your applications. You’ll also receive top-notch service from a family-run business that will address your company’s unique needs. 

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