Argon-Oxygen Blends

Argon-Oxygen Welding Mix

Argon is a primary component in shielding gases for welding. Argon gas is inert and stable, helping to prevent reactions that could negatively impact the welding process. 

Combining argon with other gases creates a mixture that adds more value to the welding process. Adding oxygen improves the shielding gas’s fluidity and the quality of the weld deposit. Oxygen also facilitates the burning process by augmenting combustion rates and temperature levels. 

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Argon-Oxygen Gas Cost and Availability

Argon-oxygen mixtures come in cylinders that are readily available for purchase. Standard mixture ratios are in stock at most locations. Argon is the primary gas at 90% or more. The blends’ cost will vary based on the current price of each gas and the level of oxygen in the mixture.

Argon-Oxygen Uses and Applications

Argon-oxygen gas blends are primarily used for welding heavy-section carbon steel workpieces in automobiles, ships, military transport vehicles and similar products. They’re also prevalent in spray arc welding of stainless steel components. 

Specific applications depend on the gas mixture:

This ratio of argon to oxygen is sufficient for stabilizing the arc, making it suitable for the spray transfer of stainless steel. It also reduces the amount of spatter during welding, which shortens your cleanup time after completing the project.

The slightly higher oxygen concentration also meets the requirements for spray-transferring stainless steel. It also works well for spray arc welding carbon and other low-alloy steel materials. One notable difference is the stronger wetting ability of this blend, which increases the weld line flow’s fluidity.

For companies that perform general carbon steel welding projects, this blend provides a weld pool that’s easier to control and more fluid. It also delivers a higher travel speed than the other blends. While this argon-oxygen combination is the most commonly used in welding applications, it also contains the highest level of oxygen content to help with concerns about oxidation.

Argon-Oxygen Gas Safety

Argon and oxygen are noncombustible gases, meaning the mixture will not ignite or burn. However, oxygen could accelerate the burning if a fire breaks out nearby. This gas blend could also increase the risk of asphyxiation by displacing oxygen in the atmosphere. Always use and store gas cylinders in a well-ventilated area away from other potentially hazardous substances. 

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