Weiler Abrasives

Weiler Abrasives

Weiler Abrasives has been a pillar in abrasives production since 1898, when the company first launched its brushmaking process. Since then, Weiler’s manufacturing processes have transformed to cover a wide range of brush types and abrasive products. The team continues to uphold standards of excellence and customer service, making them a valued brand available in the Meritus Gas network. 

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Abrasives play an essential role in welding processes. Weiler offers a series of abrasives for the early stages of a welding project all the way through to finishing.

Bonded abrasives have a solid form and a tighter grain pattern than other types of abrasives. Weiler carries a series of bonded abrasives with a range of coarseness levels for different applications. These bonded abrasives include cutting wheels, grinding wheels, cones and plugs, flaring cup wheels and more. Choose from abrasives with long life spans and fast cutting capabilities. 

Coated abrasives feature a thin layer of grain over paper, cloth or another substrate. These abrasive products often offer greater flexibility than bonded abrasives. Weiler’s coated abrasives inventory includes many discs, including flap and resin fiber types, as well as blending discs, flap wheels and shop rolls. 

You can also source Weiler coated abrasive kits to simplify using your abrasive products. These kits include products like hub pads and backup pads for flap and fiber discs.

Nonwoven abrasives offer impressive versatility for use with wet and dry applications. These abrasive products also offer a uniform finish and can be washed for reuse. Weiler carries nonwoven abrasives in many styles, including quick change discs, flap wheels, hand pads and unitized wheels. Choose from various sizes and coarseness levels to fit your project.

Brushes can be a valuable addition to deburring, rust-cleaning, metal finishing and other jobs. Weiler offers power brushes, abrasive nylon brushes and hand brushes to support these processes.

Power brushes are made from wire for clearing contaminants, conditioning surfaces and more. Weiler’s power brush inventory includes wheel brushes, power cup brushes, end brushes, tube brushes and many other styles. The company also offers specialized Nylox abrasive nylon brushes in many of the same styles, but with an abrasive grain better suited to light deburring and finishing irregular surfaces.

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Weiler Abrasives works with our partners to provide products in your region. Find a partner location near you to source Weiler products. To learn more about Weiler, get in touch with our team. 

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