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FANUC Automation Solutions

As a global leader in industrial automation, FANUC offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to empower manufacturers of all sizes. At Meritus Gas Partners, we proudly supply FANUC’s products and solutions through our esteemed partners.

Introducing FANUC Cobots: A Leap in Industrial Automation

Collaborative robots (cobots) from FANUC represent a significant leap forward in industrial automation. Unlike traditional robots that require extensive supervision and safety guarding, FANUC cobots are designed to collaborate seamlessly and safely with human workers.

The Evolution of FANUC in Robotics

Founded in Japan in 1956, FANUC began its journey in the automation world by developing servo motors and CNC controls. In 1982, FANUC expanded its reach, bringing its advanced technologies to the U.S. Today, the company stands as a leading force in the robotics industry, offering an extensive range of industrial automation solutions. 

Understanding Collaborative Robots and Their Applications

FANUC cobots combine the precision and reliability of automation with the adaptability and insight of human workers. This synergy allows for a more flexible and responsive production environment. 


How FANUC Cobots Enhance the MOD-WELD Cobot System

The MOD-WELD automatic welding system is designed to seamlessly integrate with FANUC’s cobot systems, such as the CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L. These systems work together to provide enhanced precision, superior quality, faster welding times, improved safety for human welders and significantly reduced manual labor costs.

Exploring the Range and Capabilities of FANUC Cobots

FANUC’s lineup of collaborative robots is designed to fit into any manufacturing setting seamlessly.

The Wide Applications of FANUC Cobots

The range of cobot options provides a solution for every need, whether a small workshop or a large manufacturing floor. Their versatility extends across industries — from automotive assembly lines and electronics manufacturing to consumer goods, where they adapt to high-mix, low-volume production needs.

Payload, Speed and Reach: FANUC Cobots’ Competitive Edge

With models capable of handling payloads varying from 4-50kg, reaches ranging from 550-1889 mm and speeds of up to 1500 mm per second, FANUC cobots are unmatched in their class. Their speed and dexterity make them ideal for tasks requiring strength and delicacy.

Why Choose FANUC for Your Manufacturing Needs?

There are numerous reasons why FANUC is the ideal partner for your robotic automation needs.

Productivity Gains and Scalability Solutions

Cobots contribute significantly to operational efficiency, allowing businesses to scale up production with minimal increases in labor costs. Their adaptability enables operations to grow alongside manufacturing needs.

Customization and Collaborative Workspace Design

These cobots are renowned for their adaptability to various manufacturing environments and needs. They can be quickly integrated into existing workflows to handle tasks ranging from repetitive actions such as picking and placing to complex processes such as assembly, testing and packaging. 

FANUC’s Commitment to Innovation and Support

FANUC is dedicated to providing holistic automation solutions and robust support for all its products.

Beyond Cobots: A Glimpse Into FANUC’s Comprehensive Product Lineup

In addition to cobots, FANUC offers a comprehensive range of industrial automation solutions, including:

  • CNC systems and solutions.
  • Industrial robots for manufacturing.
  • Robotic milling, drilling and tapping solutions.
  • Robotic wire-cutting machines.
  • Automated electric injection molding machines.
  • Industrial IoT solutions.

Ensuring Success With Robust Robot Support, CNC Support and More

FANUC’s commitment to customer support is evident in its extensive training programs, maintenance services and lifetime product support policy, ensuring your investment yields long-term returns long after initial implementation.

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Find FANUC Automation Solutions at Meritus Gas Partners

Explore the innovative world of FANUC cobots and discover how they can transform your manufacturing operations. Contact Meritus Gas Partners today to learn more about integrating FANUC’s automation solutions for enhanced productivity and innovation.