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Thermal Dynamics

When your operation needs precision cutting systems, Thermal Dynamics plasma cutting equipment offers impressive longevity and industry-leading quality. As a brand known for innovation in automation, Thermal Dynamics is at the forefront of efficiency and high-end performance with a range of incredible systems. Meritus Gas Partners is proud to offer this brand’s products through the independent distributors in our network.

Thermal Dynamics is an ESAB brand that provides:

  • Manual plasma cutting systems
  • Advanced, long-lasting consumables
  • Plasma accessories

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Thermal Dynamics Welding Equipment

Thermal Dynamics is a leading manufacturer of welding and cutting solutions with products you can trust.

Thermal Dynamics plasma arc cutting systems feature four systems designed for different applications. The A-Series, for example, has a lightweight and compact design for greater portability. With 1Torch start technology, the A-Series plasma system offers fast, reliable starts with automation software for improving cycle time and performance. Other systems include:

  • Auto-Cut XT
  • UC Series High Precision Plasma
  • iHC XT

Integrated solutions from Thermal Dynamics offer the manufacturer’s precision cutting solutions with seamless integration into your manufacturing line. Experience greater efficiency and ease with automated systems designed for your goals. 

One of Thermal Dynamic’s well-known solutions is iCNC control — a system that has revolutionized automated plasma cutting. This system allows operations to build low-cost machines with high-end performance. This system features a 15-inch touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi and an operator panel for plasma oxy-fuel and auxiliary functions. 

Precision cutting solutions include UC series plasma systems, the Water Mist Secondary process, integrated controllers and the Diameter PRO® hole-cutting system. The UC series offers precision cutting capabilities for mild steel with contamination-free cuts and minimal top-edge rounding.

The Water Mist Secondary Process offers greater precision for cutting aluminum and stainless steel. This approach uses N2/H20 instead of H35/N2 to reduce gas expense and increase cutting speed. Integrated controllers from Thermal Dynamics are highly compatible with various systems to improve cutting precision and operational ease.

Diameter PRO applies iCNC system capabilities to optimize hole-cutting with the click of a button. Use Diameter PRO with current nesting software and reap the full benefits.

Thermal Dynamics carries a wide range of plasma-cutting consumables with long life spans and high-quality performance. With XTremeLife technology, these consumables are designed to reduce part changes for the XT-Torch. These consumables work on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other nonferrous materials.

Why Choose Thermal Dynamics?

Thermal Dynamics has years of industry experience developing automated and precision cutting solutions. With a versatile and powerful selection of equipment, professionals can find the right solution for their demands and keep customers satisfied with high-quality cutting capabilities.

Operations around the world have experienced the benefits of Thermal Dynamics. The brand’s wide customer base gives them experience across industries and informs innovative strategies as the team continues to develop equipment. 

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When you need to improve your processes with greater precision and automation, Thermal Dynamics produces the solutions you require. Source these systems from our partners and discover the impact of systems made for efficiency and accuracy. Find a partner near you to shop today.