Makita Tools and Equipment

Power tools are essential for welding, cutting and finishing. Makita is a trusted global manufacturer that provides the tools you need to stay productive as you weld. 

Makita Corporation is an innovation leader, manufacturing best-in-class products with unmatched quality and durability driven by the company’s strong R&D capabilities. Their products have earned the trust of professional users worldwide.

Makita Tools Selection

Makita is a brand well-known for its cordless tools that provide excellent portability and ease for users. They also provide corded, pneumatic and engine driven tools. Add this manufacturer’s tools to your welding equipment to keep processes efficient and accessible wherever you work. 

With a broad selection of angle grinders, Makita serves your finishing needs. Angle grinder models start as low as 12V and offer power as high as 40V. Makita grinders’ brushless motor design increases cutting speed, and an electric brake stops the wheel in two seconds or less to keep you productive. Other features include reinforced metal gear housing for impressive durability and quick guard rotation for swift, tool-free adjustment. 

Polishers include similar voltage options and ensure the utmost ease when finishing projects. A variable speed dial allows you to match the polishing pace to your applications. The lightweight design makes these polishers easy to transport and reduces operator fatigue during operation. A rubberized coating on the tool protects delicate surfaces as you polish. 

Makita also manufactures a range of accessories to support their tool selection, including abrasives. Source all types of abrasive wheels, such as cut-off wheels, flap wheels, wire brushes and flex wheels.

Makita produces several cordless saw types to support welding processes, such as cut-off saws, metal cutting saws and reciprocating saws. These saws range from 12V to 80V to serve your applications. 

Cut-off saw options include tabletop and handheld models with up to 18V. Makita’s metal cutting saw selection includes models with chip collectors to keep your workspace clean and steel rod flush cutters for rebar and threaded rods. Reciprocating saws come in up to 40V models, with full kits available for your convenience. 

Makita manufactures hammer drills and driver drills that are excellent for welding applications. These models cover up to 40V applications with brushless motor options and multiple speed settings. These drills also feature Active Feedback-sensing Technology (AFT®) that turns motor rotation off if the drill bit is forced to stop.

Rotary hammer models range from 12V to 40V. Higher-voltage designs often feature detachable dust extractors to keep your space clear as you work. These tools also feature AFT® and have a counterbalance system with vibration-absorbing handles to optimize operator comfort.

Why Choose Makita for Your Welding Needs?

Makita has been in business for over a century and has quickly become a global brand with innovative tool designs. With the brand’s focus on cordless tools, the team has revolutionized the concept of tool portability. A robust research and development team continues to explore new tool avenues to make your processes easier and more accessible. With Makita power equipment, you know you are getting the best. 

Source Makita Equipment From Meritus Gas Partners

Meritus Gas Partners is proud to work with companies that carry Makita. With access to these tools, you can enjoy greater portability and ease as you weld. Source Makita equipment from a partner near you today.