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TorcUP is a reputable brand in the world of powered wrenches and hydraulic pumps. In 1996, the company released the first square drive tool with reaction arm splines inside the housing, re-imagining the systems that already existed in the hydraulic wrench market. TorcUP’s drive for innovation makes them one of many reputable brands offered by Meritus Gas Partners.

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TorcUP Industrial Equipment

TorcUP industrial equipment includes high-performance wrenches and pumps for various applications. 

TorcUP specializes in three types of industrial wrenches that each offer a unique set of benefits. These types are:

  • Hydraulic: TorcUP manufactures four hydraulic series with impressive torque capabilities. The TU series features a simple design and durable construction, while the more specialized TXU series uses a hydraulic hose uni-swivel system with fully interchangeable links. The SQ series focuses on maneuverability and ergonomic handling with field-proven technology.
  • Pneumatic: Pneumatic wrenches harness the power of pressurized air for high precision and impressive force. TorcUP has two pneumatic wrench series. The RP series is backed by years of research and development and features intricate gears for incredible accuracy. The RP-E6 series has the same capabilities with greater reach and a socket and reaction arm for tight spaces, making it an excellent tool for wheel bolting.
  • Electric: TorcUP’s electric models are cordless, battery-operated wrenches with high power and portability. The VT Series has an ergonomic handle and a simple, durable design for longevity. The VT-E6 series has a built-in nose extension for reaching tighter spots and handling wheel bolting jobs.

Hydraulic torque wrench pumps deliver maximum power for on-site continuous duty cycling. TorcUP offers two models, each with a full range of adjustability up to 10,000 psi. A multiport design maximizes efficiency, while heavy-duty motors provide long-lasting, reliable power. Enjoy simple one-click operation with a user-friendly remote and manage noise levels with a noise-reducing muffler.

Both models offer an easy-view sight glass on the side of the system that shows reservoir oil levels and oil temperature at a glance. No-drip, quick-connect couplers ensure easy engagement when you’re ready to get started. 

TorcUP also supplies a range of tools to support your workflow. Source products like impact sockets and turbine tooling. You can find a range of system-specific solutions for adding or changing base equipment models.

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Source Industrial Equipment From TorcUP

TorcUP serves operations globally with reps around the world, including our partnering suppliers. Find a partner location near you to source these powerful tools and experience the innovative designs of TorcUP. To learn more about TorcUP, get in touch with our team.

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