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As the trusted gas supply provider in Tuscaloosa, AL, Atlas Welding brings decades of experience to businesses in central Alabama. We supply a large variety of gases for industrial, medical, welding and beverage applications, along with many others. Whether you need to fill up balloons or save lives in a hospital, our products, services and unparalleled customer support offer solutions at affordable prices. 

Gas Supply in Tuscaloosa, AL

When you work with Atlas Welding in the Tuscaloosa, AL, area, you can choose from a selection of gases delivered in cylinders, dewars, microbulk and bulk. Our gases include:

  • Welding and cutting gases and mixtures: Using argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and oxygen
  • Fuel gases: Such as clean-burning propane, propylene, acetylene and hydrogen
  • Food and beverage carbon dioxide: For refrigeration, preservation and carbonation
  • Hospitality gases: Like helium for balloons or propane for fueling heaters and outdoor grills
  • Medical gases: Including nitrous oxide and oxygen
  • Specialty gases: Offering high and ultra-high purity versions of cases like argon, helium, methane and nitrogen

To help you use these gases to their fullest extent, we also offer an extensive selection of welding equipment, accessories and supplies. You can choose from respected brands like Hobart, Harris, Jackson Safety and Euroboor, all at affordable prices.

Whether you need to inflate some balloons, power a welding operation, create a tasty food product or heat your office building, our Tuscaloosa, AL, location can help. We also serve customers out of our Birmingham, AL, location to cover these major cities and the surrounding areas.

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Gas Services in Tuscaloosa, AL

The knowledgeable team at Atlas Welding is well-versed in helping customers find the right product for their unique business landscape. We'll work with you to identify the most profitable solutions that will help you reach your goals. From choosing a type of gas to revamping your equipment, their expertise and attentive customer support make Atlas Welding a trusted partner in gas supply in Tuscaloosa.

Atlas Welding Supply's Tuscaloosa, AL, location is a full-service fill plant that helps you get the gases you need when you need them. Other services at Atlas Welding include third-party bulk and microbulk drop shipping, 24/7 emergency services and certified repairs for most original equipment manufacturers.

The Atlas Welding Difference

With over 75 years in business, we've had plenty of time to hone our products and services. As a Meritus Gas partner, we can offer even more for our customers — industry-leading resources alongside the close-knit support of a local business. Customers get the best of both worlds. 

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From small convenience stores to multinational corporations, the team at Atlas Welding can provide what you need with our extensive gas supply and service capabilities. We are the trusted source for high-quality medical, fuel and industrial gas in Tuscaloosa, AL. 

Our Tuscaloosa location, located off the interchange of I-359 and I-20, is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Reach out to our team at (205)345-6903 or get in touch with us online today! 

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