Hougen Manufacturing is based in Swartz Creek, Michigan, and has been manufacturing magnetic drills and annular cutters for over 60 years. In that time, the brand has become a trusted name for this type of equipment. Hougen is a family-owned business with a team of dedicated engineers and customer service reps. Hougen is one of many brands carried by partners in the Meritus Gas network.

Hougen Metal Fabrication Tools for Sale

Hougen manufactures a range of solutions for drilling and cutting through metal workpieces.

Hougen magnetic drills are portable cutting tools for drilling holes in steel and other metals. Hougen’s inventory of drills includes a series of sizes, drill diameters and cutting depths to suit a wide range of applications. Low-profile models offer impressive portability, while adjustable-speed large-capacity drills can handle bigger projects.

The HMD904 is Hougen’s most popular mag drill model, offering a hidden motor cord and lower overall height for fitting in your work area. This model can achieve a maximum cut depth of 2 inches and weighs 30 pounds. 

Annular cutters are uniquely designed drill bits for drilling through metal. These bits are similar to hole saws and cut only on the outside edge, allowing them to achieve burr-free holes with close tolerances. Compared to other drill options, annual cutters offer faster cutting and a cleaner, more accurate hole in steel and other metals.

Hougen’s line of annular cutters is designed for different mag drill models and certain materials. For example, the Copperhead™ carbide tip annular cutter is suited for tough-to-cut materials with a more abrasive texture. 

Hougen’s hole punchers save time and money when punching round and oblong holes in steel. These machines work on flat bars, H-steel, angle cuts and channel designs. Choose from four models, including a cordless design, with a series of speeds and depth capabilities. 

All Hougen hole punchers are 100% self-contained and use a high-efficiency hydraulic pump to power the punching head. Achieve a uniform punch in hard metals in as little as a few seconds. 

Customize your Hougen equipment with a range of accessories and fittings that equip your model to achieve even more. These accessories include products like tapping kits, twist drill adapters, countersink kits and more. 

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