Euroboor began in 1977 and has become an industry leader in manufacturing power tools. With a mission to exceed customer expectations, Euroboor delivers impressive products for welders of all calibers. Source these products from Meritus Gas and our network of partners.

Euroboor Welding Supplies

Euroboor manufactures a range of power tools with industry-leading performance capabilities. 

Euroboor’s drilling machinery selection includes a range of premium portable mag drills designed for various applications. Low-profile models offer precision cutting in smaller spaces while cordless options simplify powering requirements. Pneumatic drill designs are a nonelectric alternative for spark-free drilling in volatile working conditions. Make your drill work for your projects with a series of adaptors, extensions, drill chuck connections and more. 

Beveling is often a critical step performed prior to a welding process. Euroboor manufactures beveling machines with high-efficiency motors, precision controls, and compatibility with plate and pipe materials. Euroboor’s smallest model allows for quick and easy beveling with electronic speed stabilization. This small unit has excellent portability and offers anti-kickback measures for ease of user control. 

Euroboor’s sawing equipment includes a 9-inch circular cut-off saw, a 5-inch band saw and a 14-inch dry cut-off saw. The 9-inch EHC .230/3 is a hand saw designed for all types of metal. A built-in laser guide and guide plate keep your cuts straight, while a powerful motor delivers clean cuts.

The 5-inch EBS.500 is a band saw designed for all types of metal profiles, tubes and pipes. Adjustable sawing speed, vice and cutting angle provide the flexibility you need for small-scale fabrications. The 14-inch EDC.355 is a robust cutting machine with a 66-tooth saw blade designed for mild steel. When using the EDC.355, you can create a clean cut without generating heat, making it a safe and efficient option for many materials.

Euroboor air die grinders include angled, straight and extended models for grinding, polishing, smoothing and deburring. These grinders operate on air, making them safer in areas where electric tools pose a fire hazard. Integrated VibraTec minimizes tool vibrations for easier operation and a smoother finish.

Among Euroboors’ power tools for sale, you’ll find lifting magnets. These magnets allow you to move heavy workpieces without causing damage. Use the Euroboor lifting magnet for flat and tubular objects with rough and finished surfaces. These lifting tools provide excellent performance in all environments with a safety factor of 3.5.

Source Your Manufacturing Power Tools From EuroBoor

Euroboor is a reputable source for drills, beveling tools, saws and more. Contact us to learn more about Euroboor power tools. 

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