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For over 75 years, Atlas Welding Supply has brought top-tier customer support to central Alabama businesses. Our knowledgeable team offers a vast range of medical and industrial gas in Birmingham, AL, along with gases for welding, fuel, beverage and specialty applications. From inflating balloons to heating buildings and powering welding equipment, Atlas Welding can help you find effective solutions.

Gas Supply in Birmingham, AL

Working with our partners allows you to choose from a wide selection of gases, available in cylinders, dewars, microbulk and bulk options. Below are some of the gases available at Atlas Welding:

  • Welding and cutting gases and mixtures: Using helium, carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen and oxygen
  • Medical gases: Including oxygen and nitrous oxide
  • Food and beverage carbon dioxide: For preservation, carbonation and refrigeration
  • Fuel gases: Such as clean-burning propane, hydrogen, propylene and acetylene
  • Hospitality gases: Like helium used to inflate balloons or propane for grills and heaters
  • Specialty gases: Offering high and ultra-high purity versions of gases like helium, argon, methane and nitrogen

Whatever your business uses it for, our gas supply in Birmingham, AL, can provide high-quality products at affordable prices. We also have a location in nearby Tuscaloosa to serve a broader area.

As a full-service fill plant, our Birmingham location can help you get these gases quickly when needed. We also offer 24/7 emergency services and third-party bulk and microbulk dropshipping.

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Welding Equipment in the Birmingham, AL, Area

If you need equipment to go along with these gases, we can help there, too. Products range from welding and cutting equipment to personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety supplies. We carry a vast selection of welding equipment, accessories and supplies from respected brands, such as:

  • Hobart
  • Harris Products Group
  • Evolution Saws
  • Jackson Safety
  • Euroboor
  • Swift Cut Plasma Tables
  • United Abrasives
  • Weldcote
  • Trust Protection

The sales team at Atlas Welding also provides expert support, combining product knowledge with an attentive customer care team. We'll help you find the most profitable solutions for your unique business needs, identifying the best products from their large catalog of quality brands. If you have an issue, we also offer certified repairs for most original equipment manufacturers. Whether you need a small accessory or a complete remodel of your welding operations, Atlas Welding is the trusted partner in gas supply in Birmingham, AL.

Why Choose Atlas Welding?

Atlas Welding Supply has had over 75 years to perfect our products and services. As a Meritus Gas partner, working with us gives you the best of both worlds — the industry-leading resources of Meritus Gas and the attentive relationships of a local business. We are the go-to source for high-quality fuel, medical and industrial gas in Birmingham, AL.

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The team at Atlas Welding Supply works with businesses of all types and sizes. With extensive gas supply and service capabilities, we are ready to help organizations in central Alabama. Our Birmingham location is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and you can call us at 205-325-3288 to get in touch!