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Evolution has over two decades of experience manufacturing industrial power tools. Since its inception, the company has produced an impressive range of equipment to support efficiency on the job. Boost your productivity by sourcing these products from partners in the Meritus Gas network.

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Evolution Power Tools manufactures many types of saws to support your cutting requirements.

Evolution chop saws have 14-inch and 7 ¼-inch blade options. These corded saws have mitering bases and blades to accommodate various cutting angles. RPM capabilities range from 1,450 to 4,200. Powerful clamping mechanisms hold workpieces in place for consistent and accurate cuts every time. 

Many of Evolution’s saws feature multi-material cutting technology to work for all types of metals.

Circular saws from Evolution deliver accuracy and reliability for the cleanest cuts. These models include 7 ¼-inch and 6 ¼-inch blades with multi-material cutting capabilities. With adjustable cutting depth, you can complete trench cutting requirements with ease. These circular saws also feature dust extraction ports and adaptors for vacuums to keep your work area clean. 

Evolution concrete saws are designed to create precision cuts in the toughest materials. These saws have a lightweight design and are free of heavy motors or batteries that can disrupt maneuverability. Built-in dust ports support cleanliness while the ergonomic handle and trigger design ensure operator comfort. Use a diamond blade with a concrete saw for ultimate durability and precision.

Evolution’s collection of reciprocating saws includes corded and cordless models to work for your space and preferences. These saws can cut materials up to 9 inches thick and will accept different blades for different materials. Adjustable speeds allow you to maintain complete control over the tool for more complex cutting demands. 

Table saws from Evolution have a collapsible design to ease transportation between job sites. A high-torque motor delivers the power needed to cut through the toughest materials. Miter cut capability and adjustable cut depth make these table saws dynamic for all types of projects, while extendable table pieces allow you to support wide workpieces for stability while cutting.

The expansive line of Evolution miter saws includes 14-inch, 10-inch and 7 ¼-inch blades. Precise and adjustable settings allow you to perform crosscutting, beveling, miter cuts and compound cuts with a single saw. The ergonomic trigger and handle reduce operator strain and support both left- and right-handed users. 

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Evolution offers a user-friendly eCommerce site for countries around the world. Find products available at one of our partners in the United States, or contact Meritus Gas to learn more about Evolution Saws.

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