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Jackson Safety

Jackson Safety has been in the industry for almost a century. The team is committed to innovative safety solutions and long-lasting value to keep customers satisfied. Meritus Gas offers Jackson Safety products through our various partners.

Jackson Safety PPE and Equipment

Jackson Safety welding equipment and PPE cover every base to keep you protected throughout your welding projects.

Protection is essential while welding, and Jackson Safety makes it possible to cover the key safety areas — face, eyes, head and ears. Face protection products include full face shields, headgear and face shield windows. Jackson Safety’s eyewear selections encompass basic protective glasses and cutting goggles, with the latter available in clear, shaded and flip styles for welding projects.

For head protection, you can find hard hats and hard hat interchange systems. These interchange systems are designed to accommodate face shields with hard hats when required. Integrate hearing protection with these hard hats, or opt for independent hearing protection. Earwear includes disposable plugs, reusable plugs and passive earmuffs.

Welding and cutting projects create airborne particulates that are unsafe to breathe. Jackson Safety carries three respirator types to protect your personnel:

  • N95
  • R05
  • R10

You can find a protection level chart on the site for these products to determine how well they filter for your application.

In addition to standard head and face protection, Jackson Safety carries auto-darkening and passive welding helmets. The auto-darkening options include various shield technologies and profiles to meet weight requirements. You can also find graphic options to fit your style. Passive welding helmets come in standard styles with a range of visibility options and coverages. 

Source welding curtains from Jackson Safety to keep your welding space separated from the rest of your shop. You can also find an array of accessories for welding processes, including safety plates, mag plates, mounting hardware and electric lines.

Curv-O-Mark measuring tools are a special product line from Jackson Safety for pipe welding applications. These marking and measuring tools have the flexibility to work on rounded shapes to ensure accuracy throughout your projects. Options include:

  • Cylindrical pipe markers
  • Flange aligning tools
  • Burning square and guides
  • Wrap-A-Round tools

Jackson Safety also offers preassembled kits for contour layouts. 

Buy PPE From Jackson Safety

Jackson Safety supports hobbyists and professionals alike with top-quality PPE. Source your safety products from Jackson Safety today by finding a supplier location near you. Contact Meritus Gas to learn more about Jackson Safety. 

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