Trust Protection

Trust Protection

Trust Protection is a brand dedicated to welding safety. They offer extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety accessories. Meritus Gas Partners works with suppliers that carry this brand to provide necessary safety products for the operations we serve. Protect your team and source PPE from Trust Protection.

Experts in Welding Safety

Trust Protection designs PPE for different welding and metalworking applications, all with a focus on high-quality and durable designs. The team also prioritizes reasonable pricing to keep products accessible to all operations.

In the glove category, you will find a wide range of gloves for different requirements. Trust Protection welding gloves are among the most popular products for MIG, TIG and stick welding. These gloves feature premium deerskin, goatskin and kidskin construction, and many of the MIG gloves feature a durable fleece lining. These gloves also offer Kevlar® reinforcement for extra strength and protection. Sizes range from small to 2X to support all types of welders.

Trust Protection gloves also cover other industrial applications, including:

  • Driver
  • Mechanics
  • Work
  • Winter
  • High heat

Dipped and cut-resistant gloves are also helpful for applications where extra protection is required.

Clothing options include leather and flame-resistant (FR) cotton protection. The leather selection features cowhide jackets, cape sleeves, bibs, waist aprons, bib aprons and split leg aprons for complete coverage. Many of the leather products are Kevlar® sewn for ultimate heat protection. With adjustable straps, everyone can get a secure fit.

The FR cotton clothing products meet FR protection for 25 commercial or 50 home washings. The products include jackets, cape sleeves, bibs, sleeves and bib aprons. The FR fabric also meets ASTM D6413 standards. Trust Protection offers leather and FR cotton combination products as well. These jackets are made using medium-weight cotton with leather sleeves for protection and reduced body heat.

Secure your welding area with transparent welding curtains. Trust Protection offers curtains in four colors and various sizes. All curtains comply with CSFM section 13115 and are approved by FM and NFPA.

Trust Protection offers heavy-, medium – and light-duty welding blankets and rolls for protecting your surfaces. These blankets have different size offerings and working temperatures to suit a range of applications.

PPE accessories include leather products like shoe protectors, spats and cable covers. Trust Protection also produces premium, triple-layer back hand pads for ultimate hand protection.

Source Trust Protection PPE From a Location Near You

Trust Protection is a reliable source for welding PPE, and you can find many of their products from our partners located throughout the United States. Find a supplier location near you and buy welding gloves and other protective equipment. Learn more about Trust Protection by contacting our team.

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