Arcair is an ESAB® brand known for its developments in arc gouging and exothermic cutting. As the originator of these solutions, Arcair understands the innovation required to deliver high-performance products that acknowledge industry demands. Meritus Gas partners carry Arcair for the brand’s commitment to product development in a niche area of welding. 

Arcair Welding Equipment

Arcair has developed a range of equipment and supplies for specific welding and cutting processes to improve metal removal rates and performance capabilities.

Arcair is a widely known leader in arc gouging and exothermic cutting. The arc-cutting process severs material by generating heat with a carbon arc, and Arcair creates systems specifically for this process. The Arcair-Matic is a gouging system that supports greater efficiency in the gouging process with an automatic control module that leads to high yields and improved product quality.

Other arc gouging products include torch and cable assemblies and gouging electrodes. Arcair torch and cable assemblies feature improved torch airflow and excellent cable electrical conduction for longer service life. 

The SLICE® kits from Arcair include everything you need for exothermic cutting. These kits feature a torch handle and rubber shield for better operator grip. The striker assembly design features a sliding mechanism for exposing small portions of the ignition bar for increased life. 

Arcair’s arc welding supplies feature a wide range of products to improve the quality of your welds. The brand has designed a series of anti-spatter products, including tip dip, surface protector and clear product. The formulation of these products is nonflammable, nontoxic, fast-drying and environmentally safe. 

These anti-spatter products have a place in general manufacturing, heavy equipment, civil construction and more. Buy Arcair anti-spatter products in a kit for ultimate protection in all applications. 

Another valuable solution from Arcair is Protex Alclean, a cleaning formula that removes oil, grease, dirt and chalky aluminum oxides. Using this specialized cleaner ensures your workpiece has a uniform, contaminant-free surface for a clean, consistent finish. This product is also biodegradable. 

Choose Arcair for Arc Gouging and Welding Solutions

Improve your arc gouging and exothermic cutting processes by sourcing Arcair products from one of our partners. We have partner locations in regions throughout the United States to make sure these products are readily accessible. Arcair offers a diverse range of products with impressive capabilities. Improve productivity and experience equipment longevity with their innovative designs. To learn more about Arcair arc gouging and welding solutions, reach out to our team. 

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