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United Abrasives manufactures products with premium components to provide long-lasting abrasives that reduce the need for frequent reorders. All products are produced in the United States and ship to your door quickly. In appreciation of their firm commitment to quality products and satisfied customers, Meritus Gas Partners offers United Abrasives products through supplier locations across the United States.

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Abrasives for Every Application

United Abrasives carries a wide range of abrasive products.

United Abrasives grinding wheels offer the ideal abrasive texture for removing stock with minimal wear to the wheel. These wheels feature specialized formulas for general-purpose, high-performance and specialty grinding applications. Materials for these wheels include aluminum oxide grains, ceramic blends, silicon carbide and zirconium. United Abrasives provides the following grinding wheels:

  • 1/4-inch grinding wheels
  • 1/8-inch pipeline wheels
  • Bench wheels
  • Cup stones and diamond cup wheels
  • Flexible wheels and cotton fiber products

Cutting wheels allow you to create clean cuts in metals without excess equipment. United Abrasives cutting wheels are designed to cut efficiently and offer a long service life. Their selection includes .045″ cutting wheels and .090″ cutting and notching styles. Chop saw and stationary saw wheels work with your existing equipment. Like the grinding wheels, many of these products feature aluminum oxide or zirconium grains for a clean cut.

Diamond blades and metal-cutting carbide blades are designed for the toughest materials. The diamond blades can cut through concrete, brick, paver and asphalt. The small-diameter diamond blades cut through tile, granite, marble and aggregate materials. United Abrasives also carries portable and street saw wheels and other miscellaneous cutting wheel products.

Coated abrasives have diverse applications in welding and can remove stock, grind, clean, deburr and more. United Abrasives carries various coated abrasives, including discs, sheets and rolls, floor sanding products, belts and flap wheels. Choose from multiple materials to achieve the desired results for your workpiece. These products include cloth, paper, fiber and laminated abrasives. 

You’ll also find specialty products for specific tasks, such as straight and tapered cartridge rolls that help you sand hard-to-reach spots like channels and fillets.

Nonwoven products are resilient and non-aggressive, making them ideal for finishing. United Abrasives carries many nonwoven products for large finishing applications and detail work. These selections include wheels, belts, discs, flap brushes, hand pads and specialty Sait-Strip‚ĄĘ products.

Remove weld beads, deburr, grind and shape with wire brushes and carbide burs. Brush products include hand types, nylon styles and powered wire designs. Tungsten carbide burs feature various shapes for your applications.

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Our partners throughout the United States carry United Abrasives products. Find a location near you, or contact us today to learn more!

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