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Metabo¬†is a recognized global leader in professional power tool solutions for a wide range of industries. Since the company’s founding as a hand drill manufacturer in Germany in 1923, it has grown into an international behemoth that offers numerous product lines ranging from cordless tools and battery pack systems to saws, vacuum and extraction machinery and an assortment of drilling, chiseling, screwing and stirring equipment.¬†

Cutting, sanding and milling equipment is another prominent Metabo product line. The company designs and manufactures various products for welding and metalworking, grinding, woodworking and concrete-, stone- and plaster-related projects. 

Meritus Gas Partners operates an expanding national distributor network focusing on welding, industrial gases, gas equipment and other essential products. You’ll find a broad selection of high-quality machines that will add significant value to your business operations.¬†

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Metabo Welding Equipment for Sale

The vast array of welding equipment available from a full-service Meritus Gas Partners distributor includes multiple Metabo products.

If you’re looking for Metabo weld shavers near you, our suppliers can provide advanced products like the PFM 17. This revolutionary machine allows you to remove weld beads quickly and efficiently in one step, saving time, energy and labor. The small metal chips the shaving process generates are nontoxic and easy to clean up.

The large, bow-type handle makes this weld shaver easy to use and simple to adjust. The magnetic guide rail, which requires no tools to attach to the shaver, ensures it is ready to use in seconds. The one-touch controller allows you to set the cutting depth in small increments for maximum precision. You can also customize the operating speed to suit your applications. 

Weld grinders, also known as angle grinders, are hand-held power tools equipped with consumable discs or blades designed to cut, polish or grind metals. 

Metabo weld grinders are powerful machines available for multiple disc diameters. Choose from several versions, including:

  • Standard:¬†These all-purpose grinders are an excellent choice for various metal trades and other industrial applications. They work well for cutting and roughening metal and can also handle stone and concrete when fitted with diamond cutting discs.
  • Cordless:¬†These mobile machines offer the flexibility to use far away from electrical power sources. They operate via a robust 18-volt battery pack featuring a long running time for extensive-use applications. The unit includes a 5-inch disc diameter.¬†
  • Flat-head:¬†This angle grinder type is ideal for working in hard-to-reach and tight areas that are inaccessible to standard machines. Metabo flat-head grinders feature a patented gear design that facilitates a low-profile head placement. The product is available in corded and cordless versions ‚ÄĒ the former includes a patented long-life motor with speed stabilization and electronic kick-back protection. The cordless model offers advanced Metabo battery technology for an optimal life span.
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