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Welder Repair Services

Repair Services

You depend on your welding equipment and machinery to keep your projects on schedule and deliver superior results for your customers. Whether you perform metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), arc, stick, laser or any other form of welding, your machinery is essential for your business.

Timely welder service and repair work are crucial if your equipment breaks down. A Meritus Gas Partners-affiliated supplier is nearby and ready to help. Our network of independently operated distributors have developed capabiliities to service many of the top welding equipment brands in the United States, ensuring the prompt, reliable assistance you demand and deserve.

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Welding Repair for Equipment From Leading Manufacturers

Our wide-reaching provider network offers fast access to local welding repair technicians with extensive experience working on equipment from all the top industry brands. Many of these entities employ factory-trained and -certified technicians who know the welding machines inside and out. 

Examples of the brands our partners serve include:

Our Brands

Get Help With All Types of Welding Repairs

A Meritus Gas Partners-affiliated repair shop can assist with various minor and more in-depth welding repair projects:

  • Primary transformer:¬†This device converts high-voltage input or primary power from an electrical outlet to a lower voltage that is suitable for welding applications.
  • Foot control:¬†A foot-operated pedal enables the operator to manage the welding machine’s amperage. The worker can ease off the pedal to allow the weld to cool if it gets too hot.
  • Generator:¬†A welder generator repair ensures that a welding machine has a reliable, readily available electricity supply at any location.
  • Open-circuit voltage (OCV):¬†OCV is the voltage that exists at the electrode during the brief period before torch ignition and when the arc extinguishes while the power source is active. An OCV malfunction could cause a serious injury and requires immediate attention.¬†
  • Hoses, cables, wires and filters:¬†Technicians will inspect these inexpensive but necessary parts and components and replace them if necessary.
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On-Site and In-Shop Welder Repair Services Near You

Our extensive network of welding repair shops ensures one of our suppliers has a trusted location in your area. Timely field service means an experienced technician can be at your facility quickly to handle many repairs on-premises, eliminating the need to take your equipment anywhere. If you operate portable welding equipment at a remote job site, they can come to you to reduce downtime. 

Some repair jobs require more in-depth service that often cannot occur in the field. Our partners also operate fully equipped shops with state-of-the-art tools and technology to handle your project quickly and efficiently. 

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Learn More About Welding Repair Services

When you choose one of our partners as your welding repair service provider, you’ll collaborate with a local, family-operated company that understands your business. You’ll also get expert advice to help keep your machinery in peak operating condition and maximize its life span.¬†

Contact us for more information and to find welder repair shops near you today.

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