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OXARC Training

OXARC’s Comprehensive Skills Training

At OXARC, we understand the importance of practical training and helping students of all levels enhance their skills. For these reasons, we offer some of the industry’s most reputable training solutions for safety, welding and other fabrication applications to customers across the Northwest. Years of research and development have enabled us to deliver courses that cover a broad discipline range and are administered by well-respected industry professionals.  

Training Services

We provide training courses surrounding various topics, including welding techniques, safety procedures and confined space operation. These courses cater to multiple skill levels — from beginner to intermediate to advanced — ensuring each participant receives relevant and practical instruction for optimal skill development. As a proud partner of Meritus Gas Partners, we are pleased to offer industry-best hands-on training and guidance in conjunction with an established national brand.

Confined Space Training

OXARC’s confined space training courses leverage the latest equipment with advanced technology from Honeywell, one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of industrial safety products. The mobile training unit provides trainees with various props, equipment and potential hazards, allowing participants to complete an entry permit, develop an entry strategy and utilize the knowledge in a safe environment. The course engages participants, encouraging teamwork and helping develop creative problem-solving skills.

Our Confined Space Training

Safety Training

Operations across the Northwest choose OXARC’s safety training services to help reduce profit losses from work-related illnesses and injuries. We offer on-site and off-site courses that cover a comprehensive range of disciplines, from compressed gas and chlorine safety to hearing conservation and fall prevention. We can also provide safety training courses customized to the specific needs of your operation, including annual packages covering core safety principles.  

Explore Oxarc’s Safety Training

Welder Training

OXARC offers numerous welder training classes based on the skill level of each participant. The courses cover fundamentals of today’s most popular processes, including stick, MIG and TIG welding. We administer the sessions in a lecture format and emphasize hands-on training, ensuring students receive a comprehensive blend of theory and practice.

Courses feature instruction from industry veterans and professionals using modern equipment and premium-grade materials. Classes include all the required welding gear, including safety glasses, welding helmets, gloves and chipping hammers.

Oxarc’s Welder Training

Training Center

OXARC’s state-of-the-art professional training center boasts some of the industry’s most advanced tools and resources, including a classroom with an AMX one-touch display panel, Bose surround sound and a 100-square-foot rear projection display. The adjoining demonstration room features audio and video links that enable students to experience advanced welding techniques using some of the industry’s newest equipment. In addition, a fully equipped lunch room can accommodate everything from a quick snack to entire buffets. 

The multimedia classroom and demonstration rooms are available for half-day and full-day rentals. 

Check Out Oxarc’s Training Center

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