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Welder Training Program

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OXARC Welding Schools: Your Path to Welding Mastery

Investing in education is a serious decision. At OXARC, we concentrate on job-specific training. Our welder training program is based on industry needs. As the industry makes changes and new technologies are developed, the welder training program at OXARC will be updated to keep pace with these changes. Our goal is to provide quality training in key skill areas in the most practical, justifiable timeframe. We will concentrate on making your welding experience meaningful and enjoyable.

Our welding courses are for the self-motivated adult who recognizes the need to keep ahead of the job market. By keeping up with the welding standards in the industry, you will experience career satisfaction and enjoy the economic and social rewards of a position ideally suited to your interests and abilities. 

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Training Courses and Enrollment 

OXARC offers multiple welding classes at three different levels and welding processes (Stick, Dual Shield/Inner Shield, MIG or TIG). We designed our courses around the most common industry standards: AWS, ASME, API 1104 and WABO Welding Certifications upon completion. 

Is it your employee’s first time doing welder training? This course will teach a general concept of the welding fundamentals, principles and welding techniques required for the welding process chosen by the student. With OXARC, courses at the Pasco campus are five weeks, while courses at the Spokane campus run for five and a half weeks. As part of this welder training course, all welding will be on mild steel with 160 total clock hours, making it a great match for newcomers. 

If your employees have good fundamental knowledge of the welding process and welding experience, the intermediate training course may be ideal for them. This course allows them to learn more about doing complete full penetration on a plate or pipe for a given process. Similar to the entry-level training, all welding will focus on mild steel and be five or five and a half weeks long depending on your chosen campus. Once your employees complete this course, they’ll receive the opportunity to become certified to one of the industry standards. 

This course is designed for the experienced welder. Welders taking this course should have extensive experience in welding. Our instructors at OXARC take a personalized approach to this training by customizing the course based on the student and industry-specific challenges. The curriculum is designed around the welder obtaining certification to one of the industry standards. When planning to take this course, you might want, for example, a stainless steel or open root pipe test. 

If a welder is looking to become a top-tier welding professional, this five or five-and-a-half-week course is customized to the student’s needs and helps them obtain a qualification for one of the industry standards. To qualify for this advanced curriculum, the welder should have extensive welding experience and have or have had certification in one or more of four processes: 

  • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
  • Gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
  • Flux core arc welding (FCAW)
  • Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) 

Comprehensive Welder Training Course Catalog at OXARC 

Looking to understand which welder course is best to enroll in? Here’s a more comprehensive guide to choosing the most beneficial course at OXARC for your employees: 

  • Beginner/entry-level welding: Welders in this course will either specialize in doing the actual SMAW or FCAW welding processes for 95% of the class. They’ll also learn critical information about arc welding safety, how to read electrode designation, perform fillet welds and measure them, execute oxy/fuel cutting and understand the welding symbols and five basic weld joints. 
  • Intermediate welding: To qualify for this course, the student must have passed OXARC’s beginner welding course or a similar course that gave them the same amount of skills and knowledge. The intermediate welding course allows students to have hands-on experience with welding processes in SMAW, GMAW, FCAW or GTAW. Some of the course content includes cutting and beveling weld joints and basic fit-up of bevel welds and groove welds. 
  • Advanced welding: If the welder already has vast experience in welding and excellent welding abilities, taking this course will help welders obtain certification for one or more welding procedures with aluminum, stainless steel and plate or pipe open rooting welding. Instructors in this course will teach them to do the proper joint preparation, set-up, preheat and welding of highly critical materials or welds. 
  • Advanced welding II: Welders doing this course should have passed the advanced welding course, meet the skill level required for this training and already have one or more certifications in SMAW, GMAW, FCAW or GTAW welding processes. This on-site welder training course allows students to learn about welding with hard surface rod and wire during machine equipment maintenance and build-up. 

Enrollment Steps: How to Join the OXARC Welding School 

The enrollment steps at OXARC are simple. Here’s how our experts determine whether welders qualify for their chosen training course: 

  • Age: The first aspect to note is that the welder should be 18 or older. It may also help if the applicant has a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate. 
  • Request admission: Applicants may request admission by visiting the Administration Office, open Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. You can also contact our welding school online. 
  • Prior education or experience: When applying for a course, an instructor or another relevant professional will review the individual welder’s related job experience, education or military experience and arrange for the appropriate hours and welder course accordingly. 
  • Welder evaluation: Our School Director or professional staff will evaluate the applicant’s skills and knowledge to ensure they get placed into a course that meets their needs. This will involve a personal interview and showcasing an actual welding performance. 

Experience-Based Education for Real-World Application 

OXARC offers all training sessions on a stand-up lecture basis with an emphasis on hands-on experience learning. This methodology ensures that students receive the technical industry terminology and standards while learning hands-on skills. 

Maximizing Welding Efficiency: Training for Industrial Excellence 

One of the most significant benefits of training with OXARC is our targeted industrial application courses for optimal on-the-job performance. We incorporate hands-on and scenario-based learning for 95% of class time to help ensure welders get enough practice to meet welding standards. Instructors will inspect and monitor each project and provide one-on-one opportunities to help students understand projects better. 

Oxarc’s Welder Training Catalog

OXARC’s Educational Ethos: Philosophy and Mission

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop the fundamental and technical skills that will enable them to secure and retain productive and rewarding career positions in the welding industry. OXARC is committed to providing welding courses that deliver the maximum amount of training in the minimum amount of time, with safety and quality as our goal. 

Crafting the Future of Welding: OXARC’s Educational Mission 

The dedication to the overall success of each student forces OXARC to continually strive to maintain its reputation of delivering the highest quality training possible through a combination of qualified, experienced staff, well-organized curricula and contemporary equipment, which reflect current industry standards.

In keeping with its mission and purpose, OXARC strives to:

  • Educate and train students with the current welding equipment found in today’s environment.
  • Assist students in developing their technical skills to meet industry standards.
  • Provide students with the most skilled and experienced staff available who are devoted to the personal and career development of every student. 

Meet OXARC’s Expert Instructors and Industry Veterans 

OXARC’s professionals consist of various instructors and industry veterans with extensive industry expertise and knowledge. Our seasoned staff members aim to provide top-quality workmanship and premium products. We also consistently update our state-of-the-art facilities to provide quality training programs that shape the future of welding education. 

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Why OXARC Stands Out for Your Welding Training Needs 

The OXARC Advantage: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation 

We include personal welding gear in our courses for day-to-day welding processes. These include safety glasses, welding helmets with replacement cover lenses, heat gloves and reflective shields, cutting and burning goggles, and chipping hammers. 

OXARC is also partnered with Meritus Gas Partners, another large leading gas company that describes OXARC as “one of the leading distributorships in the country for over 55 years.” If you’re looking for a quality establishment to partner with or enroll your employees at, contact our experts at OXARC today!

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OXARC’s comprehensive welding training opportunities offer various benefits, from improved hands-on skills in varying welding processes to included welding gear and expert instructors. To inquire about enrolling, please call us at (509) 535-7794 or (800) 765-9055 or visit our nearest OXARC location today! 

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