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From small orders to bulk deliveries, businesses across sectors turn to OXARC for industrial, medical, fuel and specialty gas supply in Bend, OR. We have been delivering exceptional customer service since 1968. Today, our offerings include a vast range of gases, services and supplies. Meritus Gas is a proud partner of OXARC, helping to deliver industry-leading resources to Bend and the surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Gas Supply in Bend, OR

OXARC offers cylinder, bulk and microbulk delivery options and carries product varieties that meet industry requirements or other specifications.

OXARC's medical and industrial gas in Bend, OR, include:

  • Welding and cutting gases: Such as argon, carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen, helium and nitrogen.
  • Fuel gases: Like propane, acetylene, hydrogen and Chem-O-Lene.
  • Medical gases: Including nitrous oxide and breathing-grade air.
  • Food and beverage gases and products: Such as CO2, banana gas, chlorine and dry ice.
  • Hospitality gases: Like helium, propane and nitrogen.
  • Specialty gases: Including high and ultra-high purity gases, lab gases and blends.

Our capable company builds on our high-quality delivery options, also offering installation for tank trailers, microbulk storage tanks and ground storage tubes. Other gas services include cylinder rentals, prequalification, hydrostatic testing and re-valving.

One of the biggest advantages of working with us comes from our team's product knowledge of industrial gas in Bend, OR. We'll take time to learn all about your business demands and identify the best, most profitable solution. You can rest easy knowing that OXARC is on your side.

Industrial and Welding Supply in Bend, OR

Beyond gas products, we carry a large selection of equipment for industrial operations and welding in Bend, OR. These products come from trusted brands such as Miller Welding, Lincoln Electric, Thermal Dynamics and Makita. Our experienced team can also help with equipment rentals, repairs and warranty services for many items they sell.

Some of these products include:

  • Welding equipment: OXARC offers many types of equipment for welding in the Bend, OR, area, including engine-driven, plasma, inverter and stick technologies. You can also find filler materials such as stainless steel and brazing rods.
  • Industrial tools and accessories: Choose from various industrial tools and accessories, like lubricants, cylinder carts, saws and hand tools.
  • Gas accessories: Keep your gas system moving smoothly with items like flowmeters, regulators and cryogenic containers.
  • Beverage systems: OXARC can sell and install complete CO2 beverage systems for perfectly bubbly drinks every time.
  • Safety products: Personal protective equipment (PPE) from OXARC can help your team stay compliant and safe while welding and handling gases.

Reach Out to OXARC in Bend

Thanks to a huge collection of welding supplies and gas products, OXARC is truly a one-stop shop. With our exceptional product support and the industry-leading resources of Meritus Gas, OXARC has become a go-to provider for businesses across the Northwest. From small restaurants to large hospitals and industrial facilities, OXARC can help.

Our Bend location is on the north side of town, just off Bend Parkway, and we are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Contact our Bend OXARC team at 541-389-2033 or by emailing Dan Gage at dgage@oxarc.com.