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Businesses located in Washington can access OXARC's superior industrial and gas supply in Moses Lake. If your organization relies on the use of welding-related products, we can ensure you always have what you need to stay productive and profitable. Our customers trust us to provide quality industrial supplies and services. 

The Diversified Industrial Products and Services We Offer 

If you're looking for industrial, gas and welding supplies in the Moses Lake, WA, area, depend on OXARC for a wide selection of specialty equipment: 

  • Welding and gas equipment: Welding and industrial supplies are where we excel. Whether your work requires inverter welding equipment, robotics, gas welding and cutting supplies, engine-driven equipment or power supplies, we can offer a solution. 
  • Filler materials: Apart from autogenous welding, most welding processes require filler material. OXARC carries these fundamental elements to help you create strong, long-lasting welds, including aluminum, stainless steel, specialty alloys, fluxed cored wires, mild steel rods and stick electrodes. 
  • Industrial tools and equipment: You can find powerful, multipurpose tools that help your operations run more efficiently, including powered hand tools, pressure washers, grinding wheels and discs, positioners, laser levels and industrial lubricants.
  • Gases and chemicals: Industrial and welding gases are needed in manufacturing shops, laboratories, medical facilities, construction and energy applications. We deliver a variety of chemicals and industrial gas in Moses Lake, WA, so you never run out of your hardgoods. We deliver our medical, industrial and specialty gases in bulk or cylinders for maximum utilization. Our gas mixing system enables us to custom-mix many types of industrial gases for your business demands. 
  • Industrial safety products: Implementing safety training and equipment can prevent injuries, educate employees and improve productivity. At OXARC, our safety representatives will create a tailored safety plan that protects your employees and assets from potential safety hazards. You can look to us for training, implementing effective products and helping you keep up with continually changing regulations. 

Your Single Source Provider for Welding Supply in Moses Lake, WA

Welding equipment and supplies have always been the core of our business. Since 1968, we've continued to expand and grow alongside our customers and evolve with their needs. At OXARC, we know how important it is to prevent your essential supplies from depleting. It's our goal to keep your operations running with the highest purity of products around.

Our customers trust us to help with selection, design, engineering, installation, maintenance and many other services. That's why we only represent equipment manufacturers that carry the industry's broadest selection of advanced products and technologies. 

Contact OXARC for the Latest Gas and Welding Products in the Industry

As a business owner or professional, you need a trustworthy supplier you can rely on. For over 50 years, OXARC has been providing a variety of welding and industrial supplies for all industries. We're dedicated to tailoring our capabilities to match the needs of our customers at every location. 

Contact us online or call us at 509-765-9247 to see what products, services and equipment we offer at our Moses Lake, WA, location.