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Does your company or organization rely on welding and industrial equipment? Do your operations require industrial and medical gases? If so, you need a trustworthy source for your supplies. At Oxarc, we prioritize an in-depth understanding of our customers' needs. If you're looking for welding supplies or industrial gas in LaGrande, OR, we've got you covered. 

Industrial and Welding Supply in LaGrande, OR 

We carry a wide assortment of high-quality products in various categories to meet your business needs:

  • Welding and gas equipment: Find all your high-performance welding products at Oxarc, including power supplies, gouging equipment, cutting and welding equipment, robotics, pipe welding tools and inverter welding equipment. 
  • Filler materials: Choose from an extensive list of filler materials for your welding, brazing and soldering projects. Oxarc carries stick electrodes, cut-length rods, stainless steel, hard wires, aluminum, spray powder, brazing rods and many other wires and alloys.
  • Industrial tools and equipment: Oxarc has the products you need to get the job done efficiently. Our industrial equipment includes laser levels, air tools, powered hand tools, cut-off saws, industrial lubricants, ironworkers, clamps and gauges, positions, pressure washers and grinding wheels.
  • Services: You can also access our Oxarc welding schools, safety training and specialty equipment rental services. We can assist you with equipment repair, emergency repair, installation and inspections across numerous applications in our complete service facility.
  • Gases and chemicals: Industrial gases and chemicals meet the requirements of many operations and procedures. Oxarc offers a full line of cylinder and bulk gases, including argon, propane, bleach, helium, oxygen, chlorine, hydrogen, nitrogen, ammonia, nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide. We also carry refrigerant and breathing-grade air pure gases.
  • Beverage systems and dry ice: Commercial dry ice is commonly used in the food and beverage, electronics and printing industries. Oxarc supplies dry ice blocks, slabs and pellets in various sizes to improve your operations. We also carry carbon dioxide (CO2) beverage carbonation systems to help businesses provide quality carbonated beverages.

Why Choose Oxarc? How We Stand Out in the Industry

Since 1968, Oxarc Inc. has been a leading distributor of welding and industrial supplies, as well as industrial, specialty and medical gases. We are proud to help organizations like yours find the solutions you need to stay productive and profitable. 

With convenient locations across Oregon, Washington and Idaho — and our own trucking and distribution system — we're always ready to provide our customers with the products and solutions they need. At our Oxarc welding supply LaGrande location, you can expect superior workmanship and the highest quality products in the industry.

Trust Oxarc as Your Single Source Supplier in LaGrande, OR

If you are looking for industrial or welding supplies in the LaGrande, OR, area, you can rely on Oxarc to deliver exceptional products at consistent prices. It's our goal to supply you with products and services that make your business more efficient. 

Contact us online today to request information about our equipment. You can also call our LaGrande, OR, location at 541-963-2890 to see what specific products we offer locally.