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Does your organization require welding equipment in the Sunnyside, WA, area? OXARC provides direct access to a wide range of specialized equipment, products and tools to meet your business demands. With the latest technology and an in-depth understanding of our customer's goals, you can depend on us to improve your operational efficiency and productivity.

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Exceptional Products at Consistent Prices for All Industries

At OXARC, we know that every business is unique. That's why we're proud to offer the most diversified and highest purity of products in the industry: 

  • Welding and gas equipment: OXARC carries an extensive inventory welding supply in Sunnyside, WA. Our selection of gas, welding and cutting equipment includes robotics, engine-driven equipment, power supplies and many other related products.   
  • Industrial tools and equipment: Your productivity only lasts as long as your tools do. OXARC supplies a comprehensive inventory of exceptional industrial tools, such as metal and paint markers, clamps, gauges, electrical cords, pressure washers, powered hand tools and laser levels.
  • Filler materials: Quality filler materials can make all the difference in your welding, brazing and soldering operations. Our team can assist you in finding the ideal materials for your needs, including common essentials like aluminum and stainless steel and specialty alloys.
  • Gases and chemicals: Organizations that require industrial gas in Sunnyside, WA, can depend on OXARC for superior products. We can seamlessly integrate standard or specialized gases and chemicals with high-quality storage systems. Our gas mixing system enables us to create custom mixes of various types of industrial gas to ensure you never run out of supplies. OXARC also delivers specialty gases in bulk or cylinders. 
  • Safety products and services: We tailor our offerings to the needs of our customers. If you need assistance with product solutions, work practices or regulatory compliance updates, we'll help you identify the necessary means to meet compliance objectives. Additionally, our safety representatives will assess potential safety hazards and introduce customized safety plans. 

About OXARC: A Trusted Brand for Quality Equipment

Since 1968, OXARC has been serving businesses in the Northwest with the highest-quality equipment and products available today. We know how important it is to maintain a steady supply of inventory. It's always been our goal to meet and exceed industry standards by continually expanding, improving and upgrading our offerings. 

For over 50 years, we've been building customer relationships based on the quality and integrity of our services. Our customers can also rely on us to assist them with selection, design, installation, maintenance and repair work. If you're looking for a new supplier, you can trust us for custom solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in your business.

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As a leading regional distributor of industrial gases and welding equipment, OXARC is your “single source” supplier in Sunnyside. Our ability to maintain product quality and availability is second to none throughout the industry. We're proud to serve all industries, from manufacturing and retail to energy and beyond.

Want to hear about our local offerings? Contact us online or call us at 509-837-6212.

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