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OXARC is the trusted source for gas supply in Portland and the surrounding areas, combining an expansive selection with unmatched customer service. Meritus Gas is proud to partner with OXARC to deliver industry-leading resources to businesses of all sizes. Working with us earns you access to a massive catalog of gases, services and supplies for everything from carbonating drinks to conducting vital research.

Full-Service Gas Supply in Portland, OR

We supply a wide variety of medical, specialty and industrial gas in Portland, with exceptionally high quality and diverse delivery options. We can deliver in bulk or microbulk and can install tank trailers, microbulk storage tanks and ground storage tubes. With 24/7 emergency services, we can help you keep your business moving.

Choose from the following medical and industrial gases in Portland, OR:

  • Welding and cutting: Gases like nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen and helium are essential for many welding and cutting applications.
  • Fuel: OXARC's fuel gases, like propane, acetylene, hydrogen and Chem-O-Lene, make it easy to power equipment, from heaters to industrial machines.
  • Medical: From nitrous oxide to breathing-grade air, high-quality medical gases make many treatments and procedures possible. Our products meet the strict composition requirements of this field.
  • Food and beverage: Manufacturers, restaurants, bars, breweries and other food and beverage businesses turn to OXARC for CO2 gases and equipment. You can also get banana gas, chlorine and dry ice.
  • Hospitality: Gases like propane, helium and nitrogen often allow businesses to serve and entertain guests more effectively, such as by inflating balloons or heating a fire pit.
  • Specialty gases: OXARC's specialty gases offer high and ultra-high purity levels, lab gases and blends, meeting the needs of unique and diverse applications.

Industrial and Welding Supply in Portland, OR

Along with these gases, we offer sales, rental, installation, repair and warranty services for many types of equipment, from cylinders to welding equipment. Our catalog includes industrial tools and accessories, fire safety equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and gas accessories. Products come from respected brands like Miller Welding, Lincoln Electric and Thermal Dynamics.

Our capabilities even include services ranging from cylinder prequalification and hydrostatic testing to welding training and refrigerant recovery. If your business uses electronic data interchange (EDI), we are fully equipped to use this communication method. These expansive options truly make us a one-stop shop for welding in the Portland, OR, area.

The OXARC Difference 

OXARC has been delivering exceptional customer support since 1968. Today, our team works closely with every customer to evaluate the situation and find the most profitable, effective solutions. With this customer-first approach and such an expansive selection of products and services, we have become a trusted provider of gas and welding supplies in Portland, OR.

Contact the Pros at OXARC

At OXARC, we deliver our vast capabilities to businesses across the Northwest. From small convenience stores to massive industrial facilities, we have the resources and expertise to help you find the right solution.

Our Portland location is in the Gresham area, just off I-84, and is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Get in touch with us by calling 503-618-1625 or emailing Matt Debois at MDebois@oxarc.com.