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As one of the most populated cities in Washington, Spokane is a central hub for industrial, medical, transportation and manufacturing industries. If your operations require a steady supply of industrial gas or welding equipment, you need a reliable supplier. OXARC has been serving businesses in the Spokane community and beyond with the latest products available today. 

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Exceptional Industrial Gas and Welding Supply in Spokane, WA

OXARC is your “single source” supplier for various industrial hardgoods. With our own trucking and distribution system, you can rely on us for efficient, on-time delivery of products such as:

  • Welding and gas equipment: As a leading supplier of welding equipment in the Spokane, WA, area, OXARC offers an extensive selection of advanced products. You will find everything from automated tools and pipe welding equipment to engine-driven equipment for your operations. 
  • Industrial tools and equipment: Countless industries require some variation of industrial tools to get the job done. Improve operational efficiency with our versatile equipment, including powered hand tools, positioners, pressure washers, electrical cords and contour markers.
  • Filler materials: If your welding operations require filler materials, look no further than OXARC for quality solutions. We supply silver, stainless steel, aluminum and specialty alloys for creating long-lasting welded joints. We also stock various rods, wires and spray powders for countless applications. 
  • Gases and chemicals: OXARC is your one-stop shop for industrial gas in Spokane, WA. We offer standard and specialized gases and products to meet your needs. Our experts will assist you with installation, maintenance and repair to ensure an uninterrupted flow and custom supply system to adapt to your demands.
  • Industrial safety products: Our OXARC safety representatives can assist you with addressing potential safety hazards, maintaining regulatory compliance and safety training. We can assess your operations and find the most effective, practical solutions for improving worker safety and asset protection.

About OXARC: Why Businesses Depend on Us

We are proud to supply the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet customer requirements. In addition to our state-of-the-art facilities and regional distribution systems, we maintain unrivaled leverage in product quality and purity. Our business has been growing and adapting to customers' changing needs since 1968. Today, we have the expertise and understanding necessary to connect you with the right solutions for your business.

Our commitment to serving all industries with the products they require has helped us build long-lasting customer relationships across many disciplines. It is our goal to exceed customer expectations and maintain the highest quality of workmanship in the industry. 

Contact OXARC for Quality Welding and Gas Supply in Spokane

Whether you need custom-mixed gases or powerful welding tools, OXARC has everything you require to stay productive. Our extensive inventory and services are specifically aimed at helping businesses reduce downtime, stay compliant and improve efficiency across the board. We are proud to supply products as diverse as the industries we serve. 

To learn about our local equipment offerings, call us today at 509-535-7794 or contact us online

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