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Techniweld is a wholesaler and manufacturer of welding supplies, safety gear and other industrial products. Since 1985, Techniweld has been a reputable distributor with a focus on customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. Meritus Gas is proud to offer this brand through our network of partners.

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High-Quality Techniweld Welding Supplies

Techniweld’s welding products for sale cover every need in welding applications, from TIG welding and safety to finishing.¬†

Techniweld’s inventory of abrasives features many types, such as cutting wheels, flap discs, cone plugs and burs. This diverse selection helps you find the right grit and flexibility for your welding project. Handle burrs and rough surfaces or use these abrasives for finishing requirements.

Some welding projects require a method of stabilizing a workpiece, such as pipes that roll when unsecured. With clamps, vices and straps, you can secure your workpiece to your table to ensure a clean weld. Techniweld’s inventory includes a wide range of clamps, including F clamps, ground clamps, HD F clamps and pipe clamps.

Marking your workpiece is essential for understanding where to cut and weld, and you need the right marking tools for the material you’re working with. Techniweld carries marking tools for all types of materials. You can also find marking kits designed for working with pipes to support accuracy on rounded surfaces.

Techniweld carries supplies for every welding process, including:

  • Arc gouging
  • MIG welding
  • Manual arc welding
  • Oxy-fuel cutting
  • Plasma and laser cutting
  • Stick welding
  • TIG welding

Filler metals are an essential supply for welding, and Techniweld carries a diverse selection. Every metal has different characteristics that make it valuable for specific projects, and you can source metals like aluminum, copper alloys, mild steel and more from Techniweld. They also carry solder and brazing filler supplies and related consumables. 

Welding safety is crucial. Techniweld offers an impressive inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect operators during welding processes. The company has a range of welding safety equipment for sale, such as gloves, jackets, cape sleeves, arm guards and coveralls, plus head and face gear including goggles, hard hats and welding masks.

To cover every need, you can also source respiratory protection, hearing protection and protective fabrics from Techniweld.

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Choose Techniweld Welding Products

Techniweld has earned its position in the industry for manufacturing top-notch products you can trust. Find a Meritus Gas partner location near you and source trusted Techniweld products for sale. 

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