PFERD USA is a leader in the development of innovative tool solutions for working on surfaces and various material-cutting applications. While the Milwaukee-based company’s origins date back more than 200 years, it remains a family-owned business that looks to the future while keeping the end user’s needs at the forefront.

Meritus Gas Partners is proud to offer PFERD products via our expansive network of independently operated distributors located in multiple states. Our suppliers share our commitment to providing superior products that exceed buyers’ expectations and back them with exceptional service and support.

Choose the Right Products for Your Needs

PFERD’s product lines include a wide assortment of power and maintenance brushes that are invaluable for keeping equipment and machinery clean and in peak operating condition. Delivering reliable results when meeting exacting demands is essential for optimizing performance and productivity while reducing the risk of damage. 

The PFERD inventory includes welding toothbrushes specifically designed for industrial applications. These hand-held brushes are highly effective when eliminating oils, dirt, debris, dust and other materials from surfaces before welding to prevent contamination. They can also remove excess slag or minor burrs after completing the welding process. 

Types of staple-set PFERD welding brushes for sale include:

  • Brass wire: These fine wire scratch brushes with wooden handles are an excellent choice when cleaning non-ferrous metals like aluminum, zinc, copper and lead and precious metals like gold and silver. The brass bristles won’t rust, ensuring reliable long-term service. 
  • Carbon steel: A carbon steel brush works well on materials such as cement, rubber, stone, steel, plastic, brick and fiberglass. The bristles ensure consistent brushing results in multiple applications. Use it for various tasks, including weld dressing, cleaning and rust and paint removal. 
  • Stainless steel: Consider these brushes for cleaning engine parts, tubing and tools. They work well on various materials, such as aluminum, iron, wood, stone, cement, brick and fiberglass. Specific applications include general cleaning, paint and rust removal, weld slag elimination and scratching off scale.

Carbon and stainless steel brushes are also available in laced-back options. All brushes have bristles arranged in a three-row-by-seven-column pattern. 

These items, as well as grinding wheels and flap discs, are available for stationary and other abrasive cutting applications. Our distributors can provide wheels for various equipment types, including circular metal cutting saws, portable gas saws, die grinders and cup wheels. They can handle a wide range of challenging materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, sheet metal and plastic.

Select universal, performance and high-performance carbide burs and bi-metal hole saws. Carbide burs work well for deburring various types of harder materials, such as aluminum, plastic, steel, stone and ceramics. They can also perform processes like grinding, shaping, cutting and chamfering. Bi-metal hole saws provide a smoother finish when cutting ferrous and nonferrous metals and plastics.

Choose from an assortment of machinist, car body, chain saw, key and other files, sharpeners and blades. Specific product categories include American pattern files that are an excellent choice for fast, controlled material removal when performing deburring, shaping and finishing tasks. You’ll also find rasps, which resemble files in shape and size but remove materials by making coarse cuts on wood surfaces. 

PFERD discs, belts, sheets, spiral bands and related products can meet your grinding and finishing needs. Examples include PSA discs that stick to the surface of the sander via pressure-sensitive adhesives. Consider these discs for larger projects requiring a continuous application of the same grit from start to finish. You can also purchase COMBIDISC® quick-change discs for aggressive grinding and maximum stock removal on harder materials.

Purchase air and electric grinders, shaft drives and a wide range of power tool accessories like handpieces, collets and spindle extensions. Air grinders utilize heavy-duty abrasive cutting discs to slice through solid materials like concrete and steel. Straight and angle versions are available. Electric grinders offer a more affordable option for work areas without an air-line setup.

Why Purchase PFERD Welding Supplies From Our Distributors?

At Meritus Gas Partners, we carefully select the companies we choose to be members of our distributor network. Our suppliers are family-run businesses with extensive track records and excellent reputations in the areas they serve. We also ensure they offer the comprehensive range of products that companies like yours need to succeed.

Our affiliates are also service-oriented companies that make their customers’ needs a top priority. Whether you need help selecting the best equipment or supplies for your applications and budget or require guidance to use them correctly and safely, a Meritus Gas Partners supplier is always willing to go the extra mile to assist you. Many of these businesses even offer replacement parts and repair services to keep your equipment on the job and performing well.

Contact Meritus Gas Partners today to learn more about PFERD welding brushes. We can also help locate an independent distributor in your area.

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