Specialty Gases

Specialty Gases

Does your company require gases for specific or unique purposes? The extensive Meritus Gas Partners independently operated distributor network has the right product for your needs. Our suppliers sell high-quality gas products and equipment and provide exceptional service. 

What Are Specialty Gases?

Specialty gases encompass a wide range of products, such as calibration, zero, span and instrumentation gases. They are vital components in various analytical methods like non-dispersive infrared and gas and liquid chromatography. They provide the purity and precision that are essential for maximizing performance and meeting customer expectations. 

Our Selection of Specialty Gases for Sale

The Meritus Gas Partners distributor near you can help you select from various specialty gas options for multiple industrial applications:

You can use gases in various food handling, preparation and storage processes. These substances can help prevent the spoilage of frozen or perishable items to ensure safety and maximize their shelf lives. They can also provide carbonation for soda and beer products. Some gases can serve as oxidizing and cleansing agents.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies depend on gases. They assist with conducting research, product development and the manufacturing process. Examples of specific uses include the creation of cell cultures, fermentation and conducting clinical trials. Many gases can help life sciences companies achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Companies in the hydrocarbon processing industry face significant challenges. Gases contribute to reaching and maintaining the highest performance levels at oil and gas refineries, exploration sites, gas processing facilities, distribution networks and chemical plants. They also meet today’s increasingly stringent and restrictive environmental regulations.

The packaging industry is experiencing massive changes, including transitioning to lighter, more sustainable materials, more frequent production line changeovers and the need to provide a longer product shelf life. Various specialty gases are available to ensure that the packaging equipment and machinery meet these enhanced requirements. They can also facilitate the package testing process to verify product line efficiency.

Specialty medical gases serve many essential purposes. They are integral for freezing and preserving blood, fluid and tissue samples for testing and analysis. They can also increase blood oxygen levels and assist with procedures for destroying tumors, correcting heart arrhythmias and treating traumatic brain injuries. 

Gases for electronics can include various high-quality gases and gas mixtures specially formulated for these challenging applications. A key focus area is gases for semiconductor manufacturing for critical processes like etching, doping and deposition. All products adhere to the highest industry standards. 

Why Choose Our Specialty Gas Suppliers?

At Meritus Gas Partners, our vast independently operated distributor network can meet all your specialty gas needs. You’ll work with a local, family-run business that understands the challenges you face and has the expertise to make informed product recommendations. You’ll also receive top-notch service and support throughout the process to maximize your customer experience. 

Contact Meritus Gas Partners today to learn more about specialty gases and how they can benefit your business. We can also help you find a supplier in your area. 

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