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Winemaking Equipment & Gases

Essential Winery Equipment and Supplies

Explore our expansive selection of premium products and services tailored for wineries of all sizes. Enhance your winemaking process with Meritus Gas Partners’ industry-leading equipment and gases.

Meritus Gas Partners is a premier choice for wine and beer supplies and suppliers.

Winery Equipment — the Foundation of Quality Winemaking

We proudly offer a comprehensive variety of essential wine and beer equipment for operations of all sizes. Options include stainless steel topping guns to promote top-tier wine maintenance. We also offer CO2 snow horns for accurate temperature control during fermentation. These are available in tank, barrel and line or station styles.

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Precision Regulation and Measurement

Precision regulation and measurement equipment are pivotal to your results. Trust Meritus Gas Partners for the specialized tools crafted for winemaking’s distinct needs. Our advanced regulator inventory includes:

  • Single- or two-stage solutions
  • High- or low-pressure designs
  • Line or station configurations
  • Brass or stainless steel construction

Additionally, we supply flowmeters for impeccable gas flow management. These are compatible with all gases and available as regulated and unregulated types. Measurement options include cubic feet per minute (CFM), cubic feet per hour (CFH) and liters per minute (LPM).

Winery Hose and Safety Solutions

We carry numerous winery hoses for use throughout the vinification process, all designed specifically for winemaking. Our high-quality options include:

  • Wash down hoses
  • Transfer solutions
  • Must lines

Implementing robust safety measures is critical to your workforce’s well-being and regulatory compliance. Start with cylinder carts that enable your team to transport gas cylinders with care. Our lineup includes:

  • Single- or dual-cylinder designs
  • Two- or four-wheel carts
  • Semi-pneumatic or pneumatic tires for smooth operation

Meritus Gas Partners is also your one-stop source for personal protective equipment (PPE) that helps prevent workplace injuries:

  • Eye protection, including goggles, visors and safety glasses
  • Hearing protection, including ear muffs and ear plugs
  • Respirators
  • First aid kits
  • Protective clothing
  • Gloves

If you’re looking for professional help improving workplace safety in your winery, our experts provide comprehensive safety and first aid compliance training programs. Please contact us for more details or to register for classes.

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Superior Sanitary Fittings and Valves

Our high-quality sanitary fittings and premium valves help ensure dependable fluid management and safeguard the essence of your wine.

Shop fittings and valves like:

  • All clamps
  • Butt weld
  • Bevel seat
  • Pumps
  • Butterfly, diaphragm and plug valves
  • Gaskets
  • Threaded and flanged solutions
  • Socket weld styles
  • Ball
  • Gate
  • Globe
  • Knife gate

Custom Fabrication Services

Our capabilities extend to creating bespoke solutions for unique winery requirements. We offer plasma-cut stainless plates, plus a wide range of customized fittings, flanges and adaptors to meet your vinification needs. 

Diverse Supplies and Services

Meritus Gas Partners has an array of miscellaneous supplies to fulfill all your brewing and winemaking operational needs. When you want top-quality winery equipment from start to finish, Meritus Gas Partners provides it all:

  • Flexible brewery hose for wash down and transfer
  • Sight glass
  • Unistrut
  • Tube and pipe hangers
  • Hose clamps
  • Tank vents
  • Stainless chain, seven-strip wire rope and accessories

Specialty Gases for Exceptional Wines

Inert gases are crucial to winemaking to help safeguard against oxidation and preserve the wine’s quality, taste and longevity.

Gases: Compressed, Liquid, Bulk

 Meritus Gas Partners carries a complete lineup of the gases you need to make wine, including:

  • Argon: This dependable solution is suitable for containers from barrels to bottles and creates an effective barrier between the wine and oxygen before corking and blanketing.
  • Nitrogen: This gas is economical and useful in many winemaking stages. It can displace both oxygen and carbon dioxide during sparging.
  • Compressed air: Compressed air is vital across numerous winemaking processes, from aeration to sparging, bottling and labeling.
  • Dry ice: Solid carbon dioxide is ideal for cold soaking and carbonic maceration since it sublimates instead of melting.

Use our specialty winemaking gases to create precision with an S0-2 dispenser that regulates sulfites. Ours are programmable in milliliters for exact results. We also supply stainless steel and plastic gas blanketing devices that protect against oxidation, with diameters ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. Plus, we have the sparging stones you need for precise aeration, available in 10 or 20 microns with clean-out ports on both ends for convenience.

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Crafting Distinct Wine Flavors With Specialty Gases

Our gases are perfect for crafting distinctive flavors while preserving taste and shelf life. For example, food-grade certified carbon dioxide gas is essential in creating sparkling wines. Similarly, meticulous control over sulfites with S0-2 barrel gassing units ensures consistent sulfur dioxide dispersion that can transform flavors by influencing tannins and anthocyanins.

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Your Trusted Partner in Winemaking Excellence

Meritus Gas Partners is dedicated to the art and science of winemaking. Our extensive array of gases, equipment and bespoke solutions are here to support your commitment to producing exceptional wines. Reach out to us to elevate your winemaking capabilities and services.