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Natural Gas

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Natural Gas for Sale

Meritus Gas Partners collaborates with leading natural gas suppliers to provide this essential fuel to companies in various industries. You’ll receive a high-quality product at a competitive price and get exceptional service to maximize your customer experience.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel consisting of various naturally occurring methane-based carbons. Because methane is colorless and odorless, natural gas supplies typically contain manually added odorizers that mimic the smell of rotten eggs, making it easier to detect leaks.

Most natural gas comes from beneath the Earth’s surface. Geologists study rock formations to determine which ones are likely to contain natural gas deposits. They also conduct seismic surveys on land and in the ocean to determine the best areas to drill.

Natural Gas Cost and Availability

Natural gas is a nonrenewable resource, meaning that there is a limited supply. However, natural gas is readily available via Meritus’ extensive distribution system with partners around the country.

We can fill in traditional cylinders, tube trailers, non-traditional cylinders, and customer owned cylinders.

Natural gas prices tend to fluctuate because there are few short-term alternatives. When the demand for gas as a fuel for heating oil or electricity generation rises or falls, the price will change accordingly.

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Natural Gas Uses and Applications

Natural gas has multiple uses in industry and daily life:

  • Electricity generation: The most common natural gas use is to produce electricity. Burning gas generates heat that powers a turbine, which rotates and creates electricity by operating a generator.
  • Heat: Approximately half of the homes in the United States rely on natural gas for heating, as well as many factories, retail stores, warehouses and other industrial and commercial facilities. A process called cogeneration provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for using natural gas to produce heat and electricity simultaneously.
  • Transportation: Compressed natural gas and liquified natural gas are increasingly popular alternative fuel sources for powering vehicles.
  • Manufacturing: Natural gas is essential for producing various industrial products, such as fertilizers, chemicals, iron, steel, glass and bricks.
  • Cooking: Residential kitchens, restaurants, hospitals and other facilities equipped with stoves or ovens rely on natural gas for cooking heat.

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Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is a safe and efficient power source when used correctly. However, like all combustible fuels, natural gas poses some risks. A gas leak can cause an explosion — if you smell rotten eggs while inside a home or commercial building, go outside immediately and call 911 or your utility provider. Because natural gas can be flammable, storing containers away from items that burn easily is essential.

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Working With Natural Gas Suppliers in Your Area

When you choose a Meritus Gas Partners independent distributor for your natural gas needs, you’ll work with a locally operated business that cares about your company’s success. Our suppliers are customer-focused entities that go the extra mile to ensure you receive the top-notch service you demand and deserve. You’ll also have access to unparalleled expertise to help you make an informed gas purchasing decision.

Contact Meritus Gas Partners online today to learn more about our natural gas services. We’ll also help you find our natural gas suppliers in your area.

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