n-Butane Overview

Both n-Butane and Isobutane are extracted from natural gas or refinery gases. Extraction is performed by absorbing at high pressure in suitable absorber oils followed by fractionation to remove other hydrocarbons like propane and pentanes. The two butanes are then separated by distallation.

Meritus Gas Partners member companies are premier distributors of n-Butane and n-Butane/Propane mixtures. Our high purity hydrocarbons are non-odorized and 99.5% or greater purity. Our refill program includes internal washing of the tanks before refilling. This helps insure you are getting the purest gas with no contaminates. Our gases are perfect for dispensaries and licensed cannabis extraction companies.

Butane Safety

If you are picking up n-Butane or Isobutane cylinders from one of our stores you must have an open air vehicle for cylinders to be loaded in.

n-Butane Purity Grades

Product/Grade Purity
Research 99.99%
Instrument 99.50%
Chemically Pure 99.00%

n-Butane and n-Butane Blends Applications and Uses


Butane (also referred to as n-Tane) and Butane Propane mixes can be used as a blended solvent in the extraction process to obtain a BHO. The top blend choice for extraction is 70% butane / 30% propane. This blend allows the solvent to extract a fuller terpene profile and generally contributes to a lighter color of teh BHO as compared to 100% butane extraction.

Our n-Butane and n-Butane Propane blends are high purity when intended for use as an extraction solvent. Our cylinders are cleaned before every fill.


n-Butane is primarily used as a heating and cooking fuel.

Motor Fuel

n-Butane finds widespread use as a motor fuel, e.g. for forklifts, especially under conditions where conventional fuel exhausts would not be desirable like the inside of buildings.

Calibration Gas

n-Butane is used as a component in calibration gases for the gas, oil and chemical industries. It is also used as a standard fuel gas for the calibration of burners.


Very pure forms of n-Butane can be used in refrigeration applications, replacing ozone depeleting halocarbons. It has the Ashrae Number R-600.


n-Butane is also used as an aerosol propellant, either pure or mixed with other hydrocarbons.

Chemical Intermediate

n-Butane is used as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of a variety of organic chemicals:

  • Acetic acid
  • Butadiene, used as a raw material for the production of synthetic rubbers
  • Butenes employed for the production of butadienes, maleic anhydride and polybutenes
  • Ethene
  • Propylene