Victory Welding Alloys

Victory Welding Alloys

Victory Welding Alloys has over 65 years of combined leadership and strives to offer high-quality products with value-added features. Victory has a people-centered mission that drives them to provide exceptional products with a focus on integrity and customer satisfaction. Find Victory products from Meritus Gas Partners and our suppliers located throughout the country.

Victory Welding Alloys for Sale

Victory specializes in welding alloys that deliver superior performance for welding applications.

Welding alloys or filler metals play an essential role in welding processes. Access to the right alloy types is valuable for creating a solid connection between metal pieces, and Victory carries a wide range of alloys to meet your welding needs. You can source the following alloys from this provider:

  • Aluminum
  • Cast iron
  • Chrome-moly and low-alloy steel
  • Copper-based
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Nickel chromium

These alloys are manufactured by Victory and feature various chemistries to suit your applications. Whether you’re searching for high-purity metals and mixtures, these alloys have you covered.

Welding wires create heated arcs for welding pieces together. While acting as an electrode, these wires also become the filler metal in a workpiece. Victory welding supplies a range of welding wire, including:

  • Carbon steel FCAW
  • Stainless steel FCAW
  • Stainless steel MIG/TIG 

Many of these product options include cored wire types when you’re looking for a wider or more shallow penetration profile. Solid wire options are preferred when electrical conductivity or oxidation resistance are required. 

Electrodes create the electric arc for generating heat and welding metal, and every electrode has different characteristics. Victory carries various types to suit your applications. Electrode categories from Victory include carbon steel, low hydrogen and low-alloy flux-coated types. These flux-coated electrodes can be used with higher welding temperatures while mitigating spatter.

Two other electrode options include stainless steel and tungsten. Stainless steel is known for its high strength and versatility in welding, while tungsten offers impressive arc stability.

Victory also offers rods as another electrode option. As with other electrodes, the metals used in these rods will influence a weld’s performance. Victory manufactures the following rod types:

  • Oxyacetylene
  • Flux-cored aluminum

Choose Victory Welding Supplies

When you’re searching for a versatile selection of welding alloys, electrodes, wires and rods, Victory is the brand to trust. The company works with our partners nationwide to provide products to the professionals who need them most. Find a partner near you today. 

To learn more about Victory Welding Supplies, get in touch with our team.

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