Shielding Gas Basics: Benefits of Three-Part Blends

3 Part Gas Blends

Shielding gases are the inert or semi-inert gases that protect the weld area from oxygen, water vapor and other harmful atmospheric gases that could potentially damage the weld. Three-part shielding gas blends are best used for short arc, spray, and pulsed spray arc welding.

Why are Three-Part Blends Important?

Three-part blends enhance versatility for use with several different types of metal transfer and several different base materials, these blends include:

  • Argon/Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen
  • Argon/Carbon Dioxide/Hydrogen
  • Argon/Helium/Carbon Dioxide
  • Argon/Carbon Dioxide/Nitrogen

Three-part blends are often used where higher productivity is necessary to improve arc stability, bead wetting, and reduce spatter. These blends provide a higher welding speed, a broad weld with a flat crown and excellent color match, reduced porosity, and good alloy retention with good corrosion resistance.

Choosing the Right Blend

Choosing the right three-part blend requires extensive research of the type of welding you’re doing. Here’s what you need to know about some of the shielding gas blends used in welding:


This blend is a multipurpose, multi-process blend best used for spray, pulsed spray, and short-circuit. This blend is primarily used for plain, low carbon steels, and produces high quality welds when used at high levels of productivity.  


This blend is a high density (high deposition rate), pulsed and conventional spray MIG best used for carbon and stainless steels. Produces high quality welds when used at high productivity levels, and creates good arc stability over oil and mill scale with forgiving attributes.


This blend is a short circuiting transfer best used for stainless steel. This blend produces high quality weld and appearance and requires superior weld chemistry control. This blend can be costly or difficult to source. Those who use this blend could be converted to a lower cost, more productive mix such as AR+CO2+N2, which can lead to great growth targets.


This blend is best used for spray and pulsed spray welding primarily used for austenitic stainless steel. This blend improves bead wetting and quality surface appearance along with good arc stability.

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