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How Dentists can Rely on Atlas

Dental Gases Spotlight

For more than 60 years, dentists and dental practices have relied on Atlas Welding Supply as a trusted supplier of medical gases, mixtures, and equipment. We take care of dentists’ gas and equipment needs so that taking care of their patients can be their top priority.

Dentists Can Rely on Atlas Welding Supply for …

High-Quality Medical Gas

Atlas supplies dentists with high-quality medical gas, specifically nitrous oxide, that they need to do their job. Nitrous oxide is a sedative and analgesic colorless, odorless gas that is primarily used for medical procedures, such as anesthesia and to alleviate anxiousness during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is produced by the reaction of hydrochloric acid with ammonium salt, such as ammonium nitrate under controlled temperatures and pressures. While it is highly flammable in its purest form, in some cases, it is safely stored in canisters at room temperature and standard pressure. All of our medical gases are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the FDA‚Äôs Compressed Medical Gases Guidelines and in strict adherence to USP and NF specifications.

Reliable Gas Supply

In addition to providing the gas products required, we ensure dentists never run low or out of medical gas. After all, we don’t want customers to go a day, or even an hour, without an adequate supply! We simplified the process of ordering medical gas, which you can read more about in this blog post. We can also put dental customers on a weekly route check to ensure they always have an adequate supply of medical gas.

Excellent Customer Service

Last, but certainly not least, dentists can count on Atlas for customer service that borders on being seamless when it comes to medical gas supply, equipment and on-time delivery. Let us be your trusted partner!

Request a Solution from Atlas Welding Supply

Atlas provides medical gases and equipment services, such as breathing air, USP grade carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, NF grade nitrogen (compressed and liquid), for other medical providers, as well. Founded in 1944, Atlas Welding Supply provides you with the equipment and supplies to do your job better. With decades of experience in gas and welding applications, we are confident we can be your trusted partner for everything from supplying the appropriate gas, troubleshooting equipment, or providing customized solutions for your project for maximum efficiency. Contact us to request a solution!

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