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The High Pressure Podcast: Rob D’Alessandro – Meritus Gas Partners

In this episode of the High-Pressure podcast, we sit down with Rob D’Alessandro, a seasoned industry veteran and the co-founder and Managing Partner of Meritus Gas Partners. Join us as Rob shares his insights on the industry and his experiences in building a successful business. Rob begins by telling us about Meritus Gas Partners and how they got started. He also shares his background in the industry, from his early beginnings to his current role as a leader in the field. With the pandemic accelerating the shift to remote work, Rob discusses how Meritus Gas Partners has adapted to the work-from-home environment and continues to thrive in the industry. He also talks about the new industries that are emerging as a result of the energy transition and how Meritus is positioning itself to capitalize on these opportunities. Finally, Rob reflects on the mentors and influencers who have shaped his career and shares his advice for aspiring professionals in the industry. Tune in to this insightful episode to learn from one of the leading voices in our industry and gain valuable insights for your business.

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