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Beer Gas: Behind the Perfect Pour

Beer Gas

Atlas is proud to serve many businesses in the¬†hospitality and entertainment¬†industry. Bars, restaurants, and event venues are a few examples of the customers that rely on Atlas to provide different gas solutions. One of the most popular gases we provide to these customers is ‚Äúbeer gas.‚ÄĚ

What is Beer Gas?

Beer gas is made up of 75 percent nitrogen and 25 percent carbon dioxide.  It is commonly used in draft beer systems to guarantee the perfect pour out of kegs. Beer gas creates a creamier consistency and smoother dispensing from taps all while helping retain the original flavor of the beer.

With breweries and draft beer becoming increasingly popular, beer gas is a necessity when looking to provide high quality beer to consumers. So, the next time you enjoy a cold draft beer, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the beer gas behind the pour.

Beer Gas Supplier

At Atlas Welding Supply, we are grateful for all our local customers who depend on us to provide quick and reliable solutions to keep their patrons happy. Bryant-Denny Stadium, Coleman Coliseum, Regions Field, Legacy Arena, Protective Stadium, The BJCC, and many local restaurants and bars depend on us for an adequate gas supply of beer and other hospitality gasses.

Hospitality Gas Solutions

In addition to beer gas, Atlas also supplies hospitality customers with carbon dioxide and propane.

Carbon Dioxide, commonly referred to as CO2, is used for a combination of things in the hospitality industry. Carbon dioxide provides the ‚Äúfizzy‚ÄĚ consistency in fountain drink and beer systems. Carbon dioxide is also used in smoke machines commonly used at bars and event venues. Many of the smoke blasts at concerts, bars, and nightclubs are created using a CO2 fogger system.

Propane is typically used in outdoor spaces such as bars, breweries, and restaurants to enhance the experience for customers. Propane gas is used in patio heaters to keep the outdoor environment comfortable for customers. Similar to draft beer, outdoor beer gardens have become increasingly popular within the past couple of years, and propane helps to counteract those chilly evenings where people are still looking to socialize.

Request a Solution from Atlas Welding Supply

Founded in 1944, Atlas Welding Supply provides you with the equipment and supplies to do your job better. With decades of experience in gas and welding applications, we are confident we can be your trusted partner for everything from supplying the appropriate gas, troubleshooting equipment, or providing customized solutions for your project for maximum efficiency. Contact us to request a solution.

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