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Hospitality Gas Solutions in Sports and Entertainment

Hospitality Gas Solutions

The show, game and event must go on, right? Have you ever thought about the gas solutions required to keep your favorite stadiums and event venues operating smoothly?

Carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen and “beer” gas are commonly used for stadiums and event venues. CO2 is primarily used to keep the fizz in fountain drink machines, while nitrogen and beer gas are used for draft beer systems. In order for breweries and establishments to serve quality draft beer, it’s important for them to utilize the right gas blend to preserve each beer’s unique flavor. Beer gas blends are typically a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) gas that are used to dispense draft beer from the taps. Mixes can vary in different degrees of nitrogen to carbon dioxide ratios.

So, the next time you visit Protective Stadium, Regions Field, the BJCC or Bryant Denny Stadium, you can rest easy knowing that Atlas has supplied them with an adequate gas supply to keep those ice-cold beverages flowing.

We supply Protective Stadium and the BJCC with CO2, nitrogen, beer gas and forklift propane. Similarly, we supply Regions Field with CO2, nitrogen and forklift propane. And lastly, we supply Bryant Denny Stadium with CO2, dry ice for beer coolers and forklift propane.

Providing High-Quality Hospitality Gas Solutions Since 1944

At Atlas Welding Supply, we ensure our customers a safe supply of gas with the responsive support of an experienced staff. Having experience in these applications and environments is the key to success and alleviating any potential game day issues, such as run outs and equipment issues. We know what we’re doing and truly care about the outcome. Overall, our goal is to take the burden off the customer by giving them confidence in their supply.

Beyond stadiums and event spaces, our hospitality gases are used in restaurants, bars, music halls, theaters and more. Our gasses are also used widely for outdoor patio spaces with gas-powered patio heaters and/or barbecue grills, food trucks using dry ice and propane, and any space with balloons requiring helium.

Have a problem? Let us offer a gas supply solution. Contact us today to request a solution.

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